When my CAM fools around…

January 18th, 2006

It was the last 30min of working at the office, and I had my cam with me… So I started to navigate around and take pictures for people and things… see what can you get when my cam starts to fool around” click to see more


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5 Responses to “When my CAM fools around…”

  1. bilotee Says:

    are those chairs from the one?
    if you wont mind me asking, but what is it that you do? I get it has to do with graphics or something of that sort, but what exactly is it?
    nice offices if I may add

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    bilotee: the chairs are not from the one.. My boss bought them from a nearby office furniture store.. And yes our company is a branding and design company you can visit our website at www.syntaxdigital.com

  3. jameed Says:

    eish hal manakheer!

  4. Heba Shehadeh Says:

    My God things look really different around SYNTAX, I see you now have new cool chairs ;))
    I haven’t been to SYNTAX in 2.5 years!!!!
    Although I’m sure there are so many new SYNTAXERs, still, I miss the good old days at the office :)
    Good luck Wael and SYNTAX

  5. super.devoika Says:

    hey… nice pics… today i have a msg to all people who take life too seriously… to know it make sure to stop by my blog… its http://reflectupon.blogspot.com/

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