The Deputy Mayor of Amman Mr. abdulrahim Bqa’ei Shall open the Jubilian in the Street Event at
5: 30 on Saturday September 24, 2005
You are welcome to attend the Opening Ceremony and enjoy the event.Please be there 30 minutes in advance.

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2 Responses to “Jubilian in the Street! Openning Ceremony”

  1. Abdelqader Says:

    You should try to post pics of this, especially for all of us Jubilee alumni not living in Jordan. Its a great event.

  2. LAILA Says:

    Congratulations for the great activity ur doing in the cultural street. as a jordanian living in spain i felt sad every summer i saw that street with no culture at all, and only people looking each other. I hope the next time i’ll see it, will be full of art expositions or another kind of culture. Where can i find more information about this “jubilian”? Again, thanks for trying to make amman better, i support ur work.

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