Finally I have a new URL

Still the same blog but a much easier url name without the .blogspot

please update your links

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4 Responses to “Sha3teely blog is moved to new url”

  1. Hussein Says:

    Mabrouk! i’ll add it again to my RSS list..
    but tell me wael, did u pay some money to do that? without the blogspot word?


  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Al yebarek feek ya Hussein
    Walla Sara7a an Hala2 3aleh 3ala Ostath JAD MADI… he is now hosting my site and he is the one who bought me this url.. sara7a i Need to thank him and am going to add a thanks banner in my blog

  3. Adeq Says:

    Kewl :)

  4. Al-anoud Says:

    Sh3teely ! sh3talni your blog! awesome content mate,thumbs up :)

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