A Makeover Disaster

January 30th, 2006


I was so disappointed last night when I saw the first broadcasting for the new JRTV identity… its like seeing an old women after a bad face-lifting surgery.. I don’t want to be rude, but the only word in my mind to describe the new makeover is CRAP.

I believe now that the JRTV is a hopeless case; the only solution is to fire everyone and to reestablish the whole institution again..( I believe I’ve heard this before so many times!!!)

Well… I am being rude.. but believe me when you see the new JRTV you will not be able to stand watching it for 5 min.

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7 Responses to “A Makeover Disaster”

  1. Dar Says:

    O ana told everyone that there is a ” NAQLEH NAW3EIEH ” in the JRTV , bs walla ma ra7 atla3 ella be sawad el wejeh :P Cheeerz!

  2. super.devoika Says:

    wots with the hypontising circles?!!!
    wallah sada2 men 2al [[ bad design kills!!!]]

  3. manal yusuf Says:

    it’s like that they are so effected by the latest bombings… cause that looks like a bloody scene

  4. hamzeh Says:

    i am not a TV guy,,, well ill re-phrase it.,, i am not a TV guy anymore.. sounds better,, but im really shocked seeing such a blog.. whats jordanians ,,, its our national and only TV station,, well,, fact about JRTV..

    - No Money,,
    - Politically ifluenced,,
    - Bad and un-supportive JORDANIAN WATCHERS (this is rude)

    people behind the scene are the best of the best in Jordan,,, im not definding them,,,but they are great,,, for get about the final product,, m not saying it good. but with the available resourses,,, they are managing well i guess,, i may change my mind and jion the complainers-club after i watch it bit… but i wont say so about it in public..

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Well let me disagree with you Hamzah� I was hopping so much that this time JRTV will do something deferent especially with the quality and competition now we see in other Arabic channels� I don�t want to compare JRT with other channels� and also I don�t think it�s a matter of money� you can see less budget stations do better than JRTV. You might find the No. of employees in JRTV triple the No. you see in any other successful station. And yes we have to bring this to public to let them know that we are not satisfied and they really need to look more seriously about any change in the future and not to waste taxes money which we pay for nothing�

    There is a serous lack of image and content and the people who are working behind the scenes should know that. this is not only job for living… it�s a mission to reflect the best of Jordan and we are all part of that.

  6. salam Says:

    My husband and I thought so too..ya rait kan ma ghairooh asslan!

  7. Talasim Says:

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