Morning wish!

June 1st, 2006

I just wake up this morning and my mind took me to Cairo, I don’t know why. I just imagined Cairo as car free city for only one day. How would it be look like if that happened? Are people in Cairo will have a day of clean and fresh air for the first time in there life?

Then I thought what will happen if Amman had the same day, a day which no car is moving in any street. This could be a national celebration. You can only see people walking and enjoying a fresh air free from diesel and gases for the first time in a modern city.

I know this could be hard to implement, but if we plan it will it might be possible. It could be a national vacation, so no one needs to drive long distances to go for work. Only cars are allowed for emergency cases.

Just think of that, how would be great just to walk with no cars on the street. Kids play safely, and no car accidents for only one day. No jams, no noise or bad smells, only fresh and clean air.

Lets all keep this wish on our minds… maybe one day it will become true.

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5 Responses to “Morning wish!”

  1. onzlo Says:

    Or we could build a good public transport system, trams etc… and perhaps Amman could be a car free, pollution free city by choice of the people.

    Imagine a day when Ammanis choose to leave their car at home because public transport in this city is so much more practical!

  2. Rambling Hal Says:

    What a wonderful thought…

    Sometimes, for just a fleeting moment, we get to experience this car-free state. On Friday mornings, Amman is a different city. Quiet and gentle. I love it.

    I went to Cairo once, and I arrived early on the morning of a national holiday. The streets were empty. The Nile looked so fresh. Everything seemed so wonderul. Then that afternoon, OH MY GOD. Car attack.

    This sort of stuff is taking over our world….

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Onzlo: Creating a good public transportation will take lots of work, money and time. But tasting a the fresh air for one day will not take that much of effort.. In fact this will encourage all people to work for a better city… and them maybe the importance of having a good public transportation will become much clear.

    Rambling Hal: I went to Cairo two times… It�s a great city… The pollution is too much there… this is why I remembered it this morning

  4. specsan Says:

    hands up for the idea

  5. Reem Says:

    I think everyone will tell u that they have an emergency!! but anyway i love the idea!!

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