Stop Diesel Pollution

April 20th, 2006


I was driving through the city 2:30 PM. The streets were jammed, and that didn’t bother me. The weather was so hot. I was melting in the car, and sweat was all over me, and that didn’t bother me. I was late, and that didn’t bother me at all. But what pissed me off, the big black cloud of diesel coming from an old bus, made me choke and not being able to breath… direct in to my face and no where to escape from.. well that what bothered me the most..

I wish we can do something solid about it. It’s not about setting rules and not implements it; it’s about finding applicable solutions and work on it.. I believe that all parts should take the initiative or action to do something about that. And let’s keep out air clean..

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9 Responses to “Stop Diesel Pollution”

  1. Ziad Says:

    How come your posts don’t show up on JP?

  2. Rambling Hal Says:

    Thank you for this - this is something I feel really, really strong about. We’re ruining our air second by second and there seems to be no stop!

    Years ago, before el Hariri implemented no diesel laws in Lebanon, when you descend into Beirut from the mountains you see the city under a cloud of smog - it was disgusting. Now, just a few years later, that is all gone.

    I really don’t want our city to eventually exist beneath a cloud of SMOG.

    Can you share the html coding for that Stop Diesel Pollution banner you have on your site, so we can paste into our templates and el2aldak?!?! It’s great!

  3. Dozz Says:

    at least it doesnt get stuck in ur hair!
    seriously,i’de like to serve a purpose for once,but HOW?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well to me the diesel issue is something very hard to get read of in our “beloved homeland”. I thought that by the new increase of fuel prices in Jordan and spicily the diesel things would change to the better but I guess it didn’t. Diesel owners just complained for a couple of days and then life just went back to normal as usual. So all you diesel haters out there I am rely sorry to say this but we have to live with it or we can act on our own and that�s if all you out there agree with me by first passing around the banner Wael designed to other emails across the country then we could start a small money fund that could help us to promote an ad in the local news papers and even on billboards to express the way we fell about the subject because without something like that no one and excuse for saying this (Will give a rats ass) about the whole issue. And to wait for some one from the “BIG BOYS” to think about the issue well it’s going to tack for ever.


  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Ziad: I really don’t know, ill check with the JP team, and ill check my Atom feed..

    Rambling Hal: i couldn’t post the code, blogger commenting didn’t accept it, but from your browser, you can view the page source and keep scrolling until you reach “end of flickr badge” the next line will be the diesel badge.. or you can go to my flickr images and save the badge image from there..

    You can change the link if you want to any post or article that you feel it will help in getting more awareness on the subject… Thank you so much

    Anonymous: I totally agree with you, but I believe that every problem has a solution and its time for us to think a bit more about how can we reduce this as much as possible in an effective way.

  6. EP Says:

    I agree bro.


  7. Point Says:

    Very nice, Thanks

  8. faiza Says:

    very interesting image but i just wanted to know wat the writting in arabic translates to!!!!

  9. Wael Attili Says:

    it says.. you’ve strangled us

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