March was a plan ride month for me. I was lucky to attend the Abu dhabi Media summit for 2010. It was really a great exposure for Kharabeesh by all means. But



For the first time media, telecoms and web giants get together in one stage to talk about the future of media in the age of technology and data revolution. The scene is very distributive and i felt that everyone is trying to adapt with the rapped evolution and change on how people begin to consume content. Major Arabic media groups are trying to move from being a funded or sponsored institutions into a profitable independent businesses. They also trying hard to understand the new media market and to have a foot there. Telecoms in the region is having a very active role in developing a strategic plans to develop the content market for mobile.

Having said that, paid TV and content in the Arab region failed and became obsolete business. The focus on mobile was very clear. Mobile , mobile, mobile, everyone was talking about how mobile evolved from being a communication tool into a publishing platform for content. The fact that mobile is a guaranteed paid distribution channels with a very high penetration rate in the region made it very sexy for all media groups and production companies.

But regarding the web, it’s still blurry for most of the media dinosaurs who could not figure out how can they control media in this vast growth space. There was no clear business model for them on how to monazite on their content via web. The traditional way of content consumption still controls their minds and they cannot get out of that trap.

On the other hand, telecoms and web technologies are making the most benefit of what is happing. They are having the upper hand over media and this distributive technology made it possible for small companies like Kharabeesh and others to be part of the game. They were successful in changing the media scene and disrupt media monopolies.

Advertising will not be the same again. Advertising is being redefined. Some people are expecting the death of print. While print in india is booming. Others are trying to find a new business model for news. while others are trying to redefine the way we generate news.


Rupert Murdokh showed a great interest the Arab market. Hans Vestberg, President & CEO of Ericsson predicted that by 2020 there will be 50 billion devices connect to internet all of them require content. Eric Schmidt/Chairman & CEO of Google said it loud and clear “Arabs,write more for the internet”.

Its so clear that content market in the Arab region is hot now. But the question is what? and how? What kind of content do we need? and how can we move from non existence to momentum in a time where content on web is being doubled every two years world wild.


Although there was no smell of any Jordanian media presence, this event did not completely exclude Jordan. In fact Jordan made a unique good presence through its technology leadership and young entrepreneurs. H.E Marwan Juma’a on his panel raised the challenge among these big giants when he talked about the success stories of Jordan’s young entrepreneurs regardless of all the challenges and lack of fund that we face.

I personally believe that media dinosaurs will be out of the game soon. The future for us is by combing technology innovation and creative original content development together, and this is where I see Jordan should be heading. Simply because we have it naturally.

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