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Ammanies on Hibernation!!

February 23rd, 2009


I don’t know what is going on lately, but I feel that everyone around me are in a hibernation mood. Businesses are not moving. Everything is running very slowly. People are disappearing and communication channels are off!!

What is happening here? is it because of weather or is this what they call economic depression?

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Yesterday I attended Amman Centennial Forum. It has been a long time since I attended such a public even like this.. I became somehow a very domestic person lately!

Anyway I just want to post some of my though while I was there.. I had so many things on mind I wanted to to say out-load yesterday but I kept my mouth shut to give a room for others to in-light me and to listen deeply for the first time in my life.. :)

Ok… I failed big time.. every-time I hear someone talking a whole new discussion starts on my head… I could not stop it.. but I kept silent and decided to share my thoughts with you:

1- First impression: Shit!! I thought it was a small gathering, I did not expect so much people!!

2- Second impression: Ohh.. here is my facebook friends!!

3- I was so happy, excited and thrilled to see that the keynote speakers are university students. This is exactly what I am talking about. Give university students a chance to get out of there class room and do something useful to their society.. Thank you Dr. Rami Al Dhahir.

4- What a kick ass magazine!! Interruptions magazine is really a revolutionary concept.. great Job Syntax.. great work by Ahmad Sabbagh.. “I am a Banana!”

5- What’s with the word “Aqal Hazzan!!”.. we really need to work more on this perception thingy. East Amman vs. West Amman… Here is what I think of this…
a. There will always be East Amman and West Amman. This is a fact that we cannot ignore or wipe..
b. Being from East Amman does not mean I am pure or “Aqal Hazzan”
c. Some areas on East Amman has better services and infrastructure than most of west Amman..
d. Instead of useless war of east and west..I believe we should acknowledge it and celebrate the differences.. Open bridges of knowledge between the two sides and make it part of Amman’s identity… preserve each zone, not to force any neutralize attempts. but create the in between space where both sides can share, use and connect.

6- Transportation in Amman. promising plans: I just wanted to pitch two ideas
a. We have a pretty not bad transportation system at the moment… but the problem is I know nothing about the routs and coverage areas… there are no resources or maps to tell you how to get from Point A to point B except asking “el Hajeh”..
b. What can we do about those people who crosses the road under a pedestrian bridge.

7- I love this Mayor.. this man is really doing something great for the city.!!

8- I have so much faith on the next generation

9- I feel so useless now.. What can I do to be part of this change.. I hate this feeling..

I had so many thoughts at that time… but now I can’t remember anything..

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Cartoon | Friday prayer

February 15th, 2009


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