What I am going to tell you is exactly what I saw with my own eyes. I felt my self inside one of these “Tash ma tash” or ” Maraya” TV series. I was standing at the counter and I was able to see the computer screen of one of the employees behind it. He was watching videos on youtube, some people approached him and he asked them to see another colleague. Next to him another employee doing nothing and just came from “3aza” in salt according to what she said. The one which we were dealing with was talking to the phone with her kids and eating grabs. Next to her an employee handling 10 people. on the back two employees doing nothing but staring at people and yawning.

On another counter, I saw three employees drinking coffee” gahwa sada” and mingling with each-other. I saw around 10 empty chairs. I did not see any kind of monitoring or control. and everyone is waiting for the day to end.

Most of them smock inside a non smocking area “like every single public space in Jordan” . Aggressive faces, and they can’t stand what they are doing and they don’t want to deal with any kind of people.

I don’t know!! maybe because it Thursday!

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