This is a sha3teely way of making a video clip…
This song is for the young and talented artist Yazan Al Rosan. I think he will come and hunt me down after this…

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شعتيلي يهنيء منتخبنا الاسباني الوطني لكرة القدم ويحيه بزامور أطول من يوم الجمعة ليخزق طبلة أذن كل مشجع ألماني خائن لوطنيته وكل مواطن يحاول أن ينام لأنه في عنده بكرا شغل على الساعة ٨. وأذا طلعلك مشجع ألماني إرفع عليه موس ٧ طقات لأنه عم بهين بكرامتك وفريقك الاسباني العظيم… لأنه أهلنا لمّا خلفونا في حواري مدريد وصّونا قبل ما انهاجر على الأردن إنه نرفع العلم السباني فوق على سطوح الدار. وبكرا انشاء الله إذا فازت نيكاراغوا بكأس أمريكا الوسطى بنحول انتمائنا لعلم نيكاراغوا العظيم
قبل سنتين كان شعبنا العزيز آزوري حتى النخاع واليوم هو اسباني حتى النخاع… حتى نخاعاتنا الفارغة صرنا نبدلها بسرعة…
يلاّ … خلي الشباب تفرح وتعمل حوادث سير وترفع على بعض إمواس خلي الفاضي يعمل قاظي واللي مالو فريق مالو عيد وطز بكل ماهو قيم ومفيد
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Khat Ahmar | Tadween

June 29th, 2008

I forgot to bring speakers with me yesterday at sha3shabooneh… I think lots of people could not hear the speech well. I am uploading this special episode of Khat Ahmar for everyone to take a look at… enjoy

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It’s 12:00 AM and i am still working on my presentation tomorrow for Sha3shabooneh event… I don’t know if it’s going to be useful or not.. I still have lots of work and i hope that I can cover the 45 min they gave me.. I have no idea how am i going to fill that time

Join me and watch the biggest sha3teely scandal for this year.. more info click here

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It seems that the Lamarck’s theory of evolution had its effect on the new interface of Firefox 3.0. The most used parts have grown and became visible more than the unused part that have shrunk.

In most browsers we have seen the back and forward button has equal size and same design. This time, Firfox interface designer had said it loud and clear, the most used button in browser is the back button. The rest are rarely used. Therefore we made it big for you. I think it’s true. For example I never use the forward or home buttons. But I think the refresh button is commonly used one.

This is a very interesting case in user interface and usability design. It takes human behaviors and experience into consideration. And in some way it’s so similar to the theory of evolution. Functions are not only pure actions, its also behaviors and habits. Design is not only neatness or arrangements, its serving behaviors and experience.

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It was so amazing to see this note written on one of Jabal Al Hussien walls. But the most interesting thing was the sight on the floor next to that wall, a big piece of shit laying on the floor, dark and dry.


Conclusion: People agreed to the note and stopped pissing, but they started to have solid shit instead…

Moral: You should add to the note, please DO NOT PISS or HAVE SHIT.

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Sha3teely has his natural urge when he was at Souq Jara. So he went straight ahead to that public school “Shukri Sha’asha’a” looking for a restroom. Ok, He was shocked.

A flash back memory came to my mind when I was at that public school. I had the worst experience you’ve ever imagined. I had to study in a school where the ministry of education had to rent two apartments above a carpentry shop and car workshop for us. The apartments were not finished yet. No electricity paints or doors. a farmland was our playground and a kitchen was my classroom. That was not a jock. This was 100% true story, and I lived it.



But when I went through that school and saw the condition of the rooms and students’ desks. I was shocked. Why? Because for the last 10 years I was always hearing big ambitious words like “e-learning, computer labs and enhancement programs for education” and we still have this crappy-conditioned schools. Our government claims that we have good public school. We claim that we have good education system. And I say this is all carp. Let’s be real and true to ourselves. This is a public school in a very good condition neighborhood and pretty much modern building. But the school inside looks like a person. Who teaches those kids? MICHAEL SCOFIELD?



I think the second person to blame “ After the government” is the principle of that school. I think we should hang him in the middle of Souq Jara. A good principle could turn this person into a real educational institution. Does he care about his school kids?

I would love to see the organizer of Souq Jara do some positive social role on this and donate some money to fix the condition of this school. I think the business of Souq Jara has a social responsibility towered its neighbors if this business seeks sustainability and success.

People… we have a really crappy and very expensive education system…

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One of my favorite video sites is now unavailable for Jordan. Due to copyright issues now are closing there services in some regions.

Although I am going to miss this site, but i think this is good for ikbis business and other local video sites.

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