صراحة لم أكن أعرف أنه يجب عليك أن تنتحر لكي تقابل وزيراً في عالمنا العربي… لو كنا أردنا لقاء الله عز وجّل لما ربطنا أنفسنا بسلك وارتمينا من على جسر مشاه.

لم أكن أدرك مدى سخرية الموقف عندما أصبح جسر المشاه وسيلة للانتحار بعد أن كان وسيلة نجاة لمئات من المنتحرين اللذين يقطعون الشارع كل يوم.

لم أرى يوماً في حياتي سبباً يدعو للانتحار، لأني على قناعة تامة أن هناك دائماً بديل لحل الأمور حتى ولو كان سيأتي بعد حين. ومن أتقن الصبر نسي الانتحار.

ومن العبر التي يجب أخذها أنه إذا أردت الانتحار فاقفز قبل أن يمسك بك رجال الأمن، لأنك حينها ستتمنى أنك لو أنتحرت فعلاً..

إذا أردت مقابلة وزير الداخلية، وقد أغلقت أمامك جميع الأبواب، فما إلك يا أخي إلا تحكي مع محمد الوكيل على راديو فن إف إم. وفضفض اللي بقلبك.

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People just find it too easy to draw me… I found this yesterday on TOOTCORP write board.
Karim thinks am too picky… It says: “there is 5px on the left!!” well Karim, 5px is too much…

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“Terrorist Buster” Logo

November 25th, 2007

Terrorist Buster

This is the “Terrorist Buster” Logo created and published by the CIA Division. At first I thought it was a new logo for a Disney cartoon show, something like Ghost Buster series. But it turned out that this is an official logo. It’s for the DCI Counterterrorist Center “Terrorist Buster”. See it yourself.

Advice to the CIA: Hire a good graphic designer.

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My Umax home station

November 22nd, 2007


This picture shows the Wi-Max receiver and the wireless router at my house… by the way, Wi-max is the name of the technology and Umax is the brand name for the service…

Umniah gives you the receiver on a rent base which is the 6JD per month.. if you find the receiver too big, then you will be happy to know that Umniah will soon provide a small USB devices.

The wireless router which you get is for free if you pay 1 year in advance and 50% discount if you pay for 6months… which is a good deal :) Now i can blog from the bathroom

But before you decide to use this service.. make sure that your area is covered. For me I was lucky enough to take one of my friends receivers and tested the signal before I went to Umniah.. but even the signal test may also fail you, so you may also try to login using your friend’s account :) don’t ask me to do so.. i don’t know my father now ;)

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Testing my Umax connection

November 22nd, 2007

and the results was


yesterday the download speed was 431 but today i guess it was better :)

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Some of you may wonder why I did not blog for a long time!!… One of the many reasons I had is that I had to move to a new house where I don’t have a landline or ADSL connection. I went to Orange and applied for landline and ADSL connection relocation… It’s been more than 3 months and nothing happened. I was so pissed off and angry and I really wanted to say a very big bad word about ORANGE but my ethics prevented me from doing so.

Anyway… Finally someone like Umniah introduced an alternative.. The Umax service, were I am lucky enough to be covered with a good signal. I tested the single and went straight-ahead to buy 1 MB connection. The same day I was online…

Although the prices you get from the website are deferent from what you pay at the end… but that was fine by me… for the 1MB you pay 460JD and you get a wireless router for free. Also you get a WI-max receiver for 6 JD a moth. “12 month included in the 460 JD”

The cool thing is that you only pay once a year.. No bills.. No one calls every month and no worries that your account will be disconnected because you did not pay.

For me this is a really convenient service… I did not want a landline from the first place… Actually no one was calling on my landline… all people call me from mobile… so the only thing I need a landline for was to have an ADSL connection.

I am so happy and I feel my digital life is back to me…

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