Puzzle of the day… find out 5 traffic problem on this intersection and wind a free ride on a highway street with no speed limit.

If you want to know what’s wrong with that intersection just drive there, a total traffic disaster. You cannot ignore that intersection because it is considered as a hub and strategic location in the North West of Amman. It’s one of Amman’s lifelines destroyed by bad traffic solutions.

Anyway this is one of many posts that I attend to highlight regarding traffic in Amman. Using Google earth we can discuss some urban problems of the city which we live by. May be we can start a movement of people who care about the city. Ask the people in charge to consider what we are saying and work together for the best of the city.

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I am so pissed off and disappointed from Orange service. When it was launched I was so optimistic about the level of services that we are going to have from now on. But it was only a change in name and image only.

I’ll tell you my story and I am sure it is not only mine. I moved to a new house in August. And after I finished moving I went to Orange to move my landline and ADSL to the new address. They told me that it will take only 10 days maximum. Until now, nothing happened. I call them every week asking about what is happing, they take my mobile number and they tell me promise to call me but no one calls. I feel so ignored. They always say that my papers are waiting for approval and it’s becoming a project. You know what is the project? It only a small dig to connect my house to the landline.

I had a friend who waited for 3 month to get his landline… To tell you the truth I only need the landline for ADSL. If Zain or Umnia started providing broadband connections like Mobily in Saudi Arabia. I’ll defiantly go for it. I don’t know how the landline is going to compete with this bad service!! The good side of the story is that these people are helping landlines to be extinct.

In other countries the whole process of getting a landline does not take more than few hours. We are in the year 2007 and still if you want to have any service you should wait for months to get it. Can somebody tell why? Can anybody help me understand what is happing?

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Almost like a video forum, Al Jazeerah talks started to publish some video content from Al Jazeerah Satellite into a channel through ikbis. This channel is a chance of all internet and Arab youth to start open discussions and dialogues around this content.
Ikbis has also a new feature which allows you to include a video in your comments.

The channel is really a great chance for an open dialogue between professional content and user generated content.

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I always receive invitations from people to join some sort of a social network website on the web, and I always ignore them. But this time I got an invitation to join which seems to be a social network website for Muslims around the world. I still did not register, but the idea and features that they display are quite interesting. Also the graphics are not bad at all. In fact I liked the design.

The founders of this site are two Jordanian, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Husseini and Mr. Sami Al-Taher. They said on the website that offers a point of solidarity for online Muslims worldwide. There goal is to promote and reinforce an inspiring, positive image of the strong values that Muslims bring to their respective communities everywhere. They help Muslims everywhere come closer to achieving their own personal dreams – whatever they may be.

Well the concept and the idea is great, I wish them all the luck..

Now I am going to register

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