We have 7 senses not 5!!

July 31st, 2007


Yes..I believe that we have six senses and maybe seven senses not five. Our awareness of time is a sense by it self. Sometimes when I wakeup from a sleep I think that I slept for few minutes but then I discover that I slept for 5 or 6 hours.sometime the opposite thing happens. This is simply because our sense of time stops when we are unconscious, same as the other senses. You can also apply the same concept to place awareness.

I don’t have any scientific prove for my claims… but really I believe in it

What do you think? Do you agree?

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You born, grow teeth, go to school, finish Tawjihi and then die. This is you life line in Jordan. I’ve just had it… Why do people give Tawjihi so much of importance? Some people kill themselves over it, and other kill for it.

This is what happened recently in some area of Amman, where five students stabbed there friend because he refused to help them cheat at the exams.

Well… I am going to send Mr. George W. Bush an email asking him to liberate Jordan from the Tawjihi Terrorist attacks. I will ask him to bomb our schools to rebuild a new modern school.

Dear Mr. Khalid Toukan, when are you going to end this nightmare? Don’t you think that the Tawjihi system is now incompetent, unfair and useless?

Tawjihi does not teach our kids any values except the value of marks. Kids do not learn the value of science. The system does not satisfy their passions. The system kills creativity and innovation. You don’t teach science, you teach how to collect marks.

People of Jordan, when you going to wake up? Does your kids life worth 96% in Tawjihi? Is it the end of the world if your kid failed in Tawjihi? How about your kids do not apply for tawjihi at all!! There are other alternatives in life for your kid to choose from.




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This episode was inspired by a real conversation between me and my wife.. that day I was wounding about girl’s fashions, my wife made a comment which made me laugh and i decided to make it as an episode.

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تتميز الانتخابات البلدية لهذه السنة بأعداد المرشحين وقوتها التنافسية خصوصاً في العاصمة عمان. ومن الجميل أن ترى أن الناخبين يستعملون المساحات المخصصة للأعلانات في المدينة أو إستعمال المعلقات القماشية التي يسهل إزالتها متجنبين إستعمال الملصقات التي تؤذي المدينة.

ولكن ما أفسد فرحتي هذه، أحد المرشحين الذي قام بنشر الملصقات في كل أنحاء دائرته بشكل مقزز. وما أغضبني أكثر أنه قام بإلصاق صوره المحترمة على جسر عبدون” يعني شي بجلط إنه جسر مكلف الدولة والأمانه والشعب ملايين، وبدل ما إنحافظ عليه بنقوم بنخربه وبنلزق عليه بطريقة مقرفة، وقال إيش عاملي تشكيل وتعبان عليه” صراحة لا أدري من سيقوم بانتخاب شخص لعمان يقوم بتخريب عمان. مثل هذا المرشح يجب إلغاء ترشيحه، وإجباره على دفع غرامات وإزالة الأضرار. يجب على هذا الذي المرشح أن يفهم أن الملصقات من أسوء وسائل الدعاية التي تؤذي جدران المدينة ويصعب إزالتها. ” صراحة عيب على شخص يحمل شهادة الدكتوراه أن يقوم بمثل هذا العمل، لأن كل من يسمي نفسه دكتور يجب أن يعلم أنه في مصاف خيرة المجتمع الأردني وعليه أن يكون قدوة لغيرة ويتحلى بمسؤولية كبيرة”




أما بالنسبة لباقي المرشحين، فقد أعجبتني كثير من الشعارات، وأحسست في كثير من الأحيان أن درجة الوعي عندهم أصبحت أكثر، والمستوى الأكاديمي بالإضافة للكفاءة أصبحت أقدر. وكم كنت أحب أن أدخل في التفاصيل وأنشر بعض الصور. ولكن لا أريد أن اقوم بداعية لأحد المرشحين على حساب الآخر. لذا ربما عدنا للموضوع بعد الانتخابات.

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If you ask me NOW what you really would like to do, I would immediately answer “I wanna open a carpentry workshop” not just because I really like handworks. But I also felt that there is a big need for an engineering eye to handle this craftsmanship.

The story begins when I had to make a kitchen for my new apartment. For financial reasons I couldn’t go to those kitchen companies. So we’ve decided to ask a carpenter to do the job for us. I opened sketch up and did a quick design for the kitchen. Then I took the drawings to the carpenter and he started to work on it. He just handled the wood works and I had to deal with the other accessories. To tell you the truth, I always enjoy going around, looking and searching for hardware and stuff or exploring new markets.

Today he started to fix the kitchen at the apartment; I was so stressed and worried. Not because 60% of what I asked is not been done. But because I was afraid that Shoruok “my wife” will not be happy. I know that there a lot of uneven edges and bad implementation. But I’ve tried to minimize as much as possible.

What I really wan to say is that in this market, it so hard to get what you want. It is so hard to get a neat job and you don’t have much of options. But in the other side, comparing the amount of money I spend, it would be great if I got 60% of what I wanted. “el 7amdolelah 3ala kol she”

The kitchen in not finished yet. So I am going to post the pictures after it’s finished. But meanwhile you can take a look to my sketch up design.




Finally, I would really like to take the chance and thank my wife for all the efforts she made, and handling all the hard work by her self.

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إذا كان يحب تحدث اللغة الانجليزية، إذا كان يعشقها ويحب أن يقرأ كل ما كتب فيها. إذا كان لا يحب العربية، غير مقتنع بها، يجدها صعبة مبهمة. إذا كان لا يقرأها ولا يعجبه كل ما كتب بها. إذا كان لبسه مثلهم وقدوته سفهائهم، إذا كان خياله لاتينياً، وعشقه غربياً. وقناعته بالحرية والتقدم إيمانه الراسخ بتفوق الغرب. إذا كانت الحرية عنده تعني خلع كل القيم العربية. إذا كان التقدم عنده التخلي عن كل أصالة عربية. إذا كانت عيونه لا تشاهد إلا عيوب قومه، ولسانه لا ينعق إلا بإهانات لأهله. إذا كان يكره نفسه فلماذا يكون نفسه ولماذا يكون العربي؟. لما أنت عربي؟ لما تعيش جاري؟ لما لا ترحل إلى أرض أحلامك؟ وتترك بسطاء الأرض بقيمهم وعاداتهم التي ألفوها قروناً، فكان عندهم الوقت بركة، والبسمة نعمة، والتحية صدقة…

إذا كنت تظن أنها قوة العولمة، وأن لا مفر منها وأنها واقع، يجب علي الخنوع له كما خنعت أنت فأنت مخطيء، سأبقى أبحث عن جذوري، وأبقى أعتز بها، ويوماً ما سيرتد قومي عنك ويحفظوا لي ماء وجهي.. فانتظر

لا أريد تقدمك… لا أريد تطورك.. لأنك مسكين؟ مرفوض من أهلك وممقوت من من تسعى لأن تكون مثلهم..

كن نفسك، إبحث عنها.

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We will miss you Abdali!!

July 24th, 2007

The town is in a miss now. No one knows where to go; people are suddenly found themselves forced to go to a different and new place to take a bus or a cab. They need time to adapt even though everyone knew about the change in bus terminal location from a long time ago, but no one expected to be lost and confused like this. No one wanted for this to happen. Everyone lived in denial.

Al AbdaliThe Abdali that we are going to miss

Al Abdali was not only a bus terminal. It was a culture, a life inside the city. It was a history. Every one in Amman has a special memory in the Abdali. It was a welcoming piazza for all travelers who come to Amman. Maybe students of Yarmouk University and Techno will agree on this with me.

I can’t believe that I am not going to see those corn and beans carts, or I want be able to go to one of those kiosks and ask for boiled coffee. What will happen to those people? What will happen to the heart of Amman…? A living area which was developed over 40 years is simply gone in one day. My Mom asked “What will happen to Friday Market which she used to go there every weekend.

abdali_google.jpg This image is going to be changed on Google earth soon

I saw the new North Terminal center. Regardless of the design, I found it so dry and defensive. Instead of having it in an open flat area where it can be easily accessed from all areas, it was placed on a high platform where a huge wall faces the Jordan Street. The designer of the new transportation hub just ignored 40 years of living habits and culture, ignored the people and just designed the place for busses and taxies. Where is the culture?? I guess we will wait for another 40 years to have a new one.

Abdali future projectI wounder what kind of people or culture that we are going to replace? I don’t think they are going to be the same!!

Dear Maier;
It is so easy to wipe out a culture in one day, but it so hard to recreate one. A spontaneous lifestyle and culture is always going to be different than a created artificial one. No architect or designer will help you to do so.

I don’t know what to say except that I am going to miss Al Abdali. It is now becoming a story for my kids to tell.

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ShoShow | Episode3

July 24th, 2007

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Khat Ahmar | Episode 2

July 23rd, 2007

Stay tuned for more next week “InshAlla”

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