Amazing Shot from Attil

June 19th, 2007

Call for Unity in Attilِ

Sha3teely is now proud to be from Attili. This amazing shot where taken from a small village called Attil near TulKarim. While the smocks are still going out from fires in Gazza, people of Attil have something else to say.

Although it’s so amazing to see this positive sprite coming out from that small village, But to tell you the truth, I think both Fateh and Hamas, leadership and fighters, have also one thing in common; They are both assholes, disgrace to the resistance and both are going to hell for raising weapons on each others.

This shot was found on ikbis

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Moving to a new server

June 19th, 2007 domain now is mine, and also the hosting account. After a hectic process, I was finally able to move all my blog data into a new server. Now I really need to thank my friend Jad Madi who helped me allot since I’ve started my blog, and never let me down. He was the Super Nanny of my blog all those years.

I also would like to thank Ibrahim for his help. And I really don’t know what to say… you guys saved from being closed for ever.

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Before yesterday it was the 5th of June. 40 years after the great Arab defeat in 67. The war which is known to us as the “Nakseh”. Year by year and day by day, we started to forget this date and what happened at that time. Even the people who witness it and suffer from it, started to forget.

At that day, I sat with my elders and did some chat with them about the days of the war. Where were they? What were they doing at that time? How were they feeling? I took them 40 years back. They shared me their memories and experience. I’ve just became more aware of what was happing at that time.

I made this video of my elder’s memories, so that the new young upcoming generation, the generation of my baby girl Joon “which you will hear her voice in the movie”, will have the chance to hear from their fathers elders about the “Nakseh” which is being forgotten day by day.

The movie is about 23 minute, enjoy it.

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For Ammanies Only

June 4th, 2007

Dig deep, explore more and indulge your senses…

for professionals only, don’t try this at home…

Believe me, there are people down there!!

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Ok.. I am not that expert in marketing or advertising. But I really like this campaign that is being run now for Al Ghad newspaper. I found it’s messages provocative and it has a deep message inside it. Each one of those message tackles somehow a sensitive issue in Jordanian society.

The campaign says for example
- There is no “Wasta” in Jordan… learn more
- Jordanians always smile … learn more
- Jordanians do not like mansaf … learn more

Each one of these words builds an absurd questions in your mind and makes you wonder and feel that there is an answer somehow for the reason behind this question. I think this smart campaign should also had an effect over the content of the newspaper it self. The content needs to be more edgy and analytical rather than being only informative. I am neither a writer nor journalist. I am just a regular reader, and what I mean is that can we find really an article that tackle the Wasta issue in Jordan in a very honest and edgy way?

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Hello Orange! Hello Back

June 3rd, 2007


Cool… Now after a long time of rumors and gossips, Orange finally started to communicate directly with the Jordanian public. Through this nice huge campaign “not as much as the Arab Bank campaign” Orange is telling us that they are here now in Jordan. And we are going to kick some Cucumbers ass.

I don’t know why did it take them so much time to introduce them self’s. But now they started in a very friendly way. I love the illustrations and the simplicity of the message. And I think this brand will have a big effect in the Jordanian market.

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I’ve noticed recently that Baladna flavored milk package has a new look. After all these years, now we are kissing the old design goodbye. The old package has so many memories from childhood. It became part of my culture. “so sad” But as we all know, everything changes. And the time for a new package is now needed. Especially that there are lots of competitions in the market.

From a first look you would see that the graphics and colors of the new package were enhanced a bit. Gradient shades, 3d effect, eye candy image…. cool. But I felt that the designer “or the client” did not intend to have a total re-brand of the product. They wanted to keep the old spirit and to enhance the image only. This is why; in this case we did not see any new elements or colors in the new design, such as fresh fruits or glossy and shiny chocolate bar milting inside a flood of milk. Personally if I had the chance to change, I would do a total re-brand for the whole package.

Anyway, regardless of what the package looks like. I still love the strawberry flavored milk. This product will still be part of my life.

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