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100% cool bid ad.

April 12th, 2007

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Finally I had the chance to see 300 movie. Lots of people wonder why their expectations were higher and after the movie they were somehow felt disappointed “such as me”.

This time I give visual effects 70% of responsibility. There was so much CGI work on the movie that killed the spirit of the story and removed the uniqueness and truth of expressions on each actor. I felt all actors look the same. I felt nothing about any one of them. I felt that actors couldn’t do there job well. This is simply because CGI work was too much this time.


The story and events where injected with huge amount of action, action and more action. The sequence of event jumped directly to the extreme point of the plot from the first minute which was stretched all over the movie.

I should admit that visual effects, action and motions are the best I’ve ever seen. But the spirit of the story, moral and actors were lost under this greatness of CGI work.


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Sha3teely smoke free

April 3rd, 2007


It has been 4 days since I stopped smoking; I am still at the danger zone. I am doing my best to hold on.

If this becomes a success, I’ll tell you the little secret behind it. After 10 years of smoking this is the first time I was able to quit smoking.

But you know what…. Jordan worst place to quit smoking in. Everyone and everywhere are smoking. All social activities here depend on smoking. And if you want to blend you have to smoke… Ill talk more about this subject if am going to be a non smoker :)

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