Winter is officially over!

March 24th, 2007

Yes winter is over AND LET THE SPRING BEGINS. I am a summer man, and I feel so happy when it’s warm and sunny. But yet the weather will keep a bit cold and cloudy for the couple of next days “according to weather channels”. But does not mean winter is not over.


You would ask why am sure about it! Well today I saw ants! Yes ants coming out from there homes and tunnels and working. This is what we call in our culture “Sa3ed el 7′abaya”. Before technology people where able to know the end of the winter from animals and insects that sleep all winter and come out in spring.

Yes… goodbye winter “thank you for you blessings and rains”. Hello summer.

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من زمان زمان ما ذقت طعم البندورة البعل، صحيح إنها صغيرة بس صدقوني إنه حبه وحده بتسوى صحّارتين بندورة من بندورة هالأيام. لا طعم ولا ريحة ولا لون. يا أخي وأنا عم بفغم بهالحبة البعلية نسيم الربيع لخم نافوخي… طعم الارض يمّا والعرق الأخظر وحلاوة معصورة من ميّة الشتا. وذكريات حاكورتنا لمّا كنا نزرع هالشتل بتراب أرضنا الحمرا. ونبّش على عرق الهالوك ونرش الزرع كبريت أصفر. آخ على هالزرعات اللي صارت اليوم إسمنت وجرافات تحفر… بس الحمد لله إنه لسا في شبر من أرض في مكان ما لسّا بتلد صحارة بندورة بعل.. آخ يا بعل ياللي بتسوى عندي كيلو تبر.

عاشق البندورة

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Public Transportation, Why is it so damn filthy? Is it because it’s for public? And public do not give a shit about hygiene! For God sake, you cannot see the ad on the bus from dirt. How come advertisers advertise in such a filthy space where their image is not seen!

How much does take to clean the buses twice a month or when there is a necessity, especially in winter? How come bus drivers accept to drive such a filthy vehicle which reflects a bad image about him?

This is from the outside. How about the inside? Well it’s cleaner for sure. The smell can kill there! The worst thing is being stuck inside an overloaded filthy bus. What kind of experience that will encourage you to use public transportation and drop off your car to save the city from a traffic jam? What a city image would expect when you see dirty and unorganized busses flooding the streets?

Clean the God damn buses.

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من بين كل الأمثال الشعبية التي استخلصها الانسان العربي، يتميز هذا المثل بكونه المبدأ الأساسي للأيديولوجية العربية في القرن العشري. وبعيداً عن كل النقاشات فإن الأيديلوجية تتميز عن الفكر بأنها هي الفكر المطبق على أرض الواقع والمرجعية التي تحرك الشعوب. وبغض النظر عن إعجابنا بأي فكر ما وتبنينا له. فإنه على أرض الواقع يبقى مبدأ “حط راسك بين الروس” و”الموت مع الجماعة رحمة” و”وإمشي الحيط الحيط وقول يارب الستر” هي الأفكار التي تصف حال الشعوب العربية، وللأسف تربيّنا عليها.

لماذا نضع رأسنا مع الرؤوس التي تتُقطّع لتنقطع هي الأخرى؟ ومتى كان هناك موت أرحم من موت؟ فالموت واحد ولن تستطيع جماعة تموت أن ترحم شخصاً يموت.. فالرحمة لا يعطيها سوى الله. ولماذا أمشي مستعيناً بحائط وانا قادر على السير وحدي؟ ولماذا أطلب الستر وأنا لا أفعل ما يعيب؟

عند كل قرار، وعند كل مواجه يجب أن نفكر في هذه الأسئلة.. وعند كل مطب، بدلاً من العودة إلى الوراء، علينا أن نقفز فوق ذلك المطب أو نقوم بإزالته.

تلك الأمثال، يجب أن تلغى من مصطلحاتنا، وتاريخنا وتراثنا. فهي لا تعبر إلا عن جيل هزائم أرهق أجيال المستقبل بالتخلف والعار. وعلى أقل تقدير يجب على جيلنا مساعدة الأجيال اللاحقة بتمهيد الطريق لهم

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Right of freedom, freedom of speech are the bases of globalization. West is calling for freedom of individuals, but they are ignoring the freedom of groups and nations. They took a very extreme approach to force there own ideologies. Not allowing for other ideologies to pass through.

I started my post with this claim to open a dialogue for others to start questioning the freedom issues around the world and the massive changes that happened to this concept after 11/9.

When a young woman is not allowed to enter her school unless she takes off her “Hejab”, well don’t you think it’s a very extreme approach to make this girl blend in their society? My judgment is that all such action like this is based on fear of change. Especially in Europe, there is huge fear of change and acceptance for others. The number of immigrants had increased and this by defaults stated to change the composition of the European society. Therefore the reaction was to enforce these new bodies to blend in the society; otherwise we don’t know what will happen?


Secular system was enforced, as a weapon to attack all other ideologies that is forming a threat to the society. 11/9 enforced that fear and rejection came instead of containing.

The situation in the U.S. is much better I guess. Although the American society is much more conservatives than the European, the American society have much more freedom regarding religions and other ideologies even after 11/9.

Peaceful coexistence between religions is possible. It time for us to be an example for others in this world and in the region. Jordan, this small country, is a great role model for peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christens. We live together for hundreds and hundreds of years. We share history together. We work together and we celebrate together. Would you imagine seeing a Muslim prying carpet found in a church? Well I saw it here in Jordan! at a church in Salt called “Al Khader Church”. Muslims go there and prey as it sacred for them as it is for Christine.

All what I am saying is that we can teach the west something about coexistence. And we are not that bad people. We are not the low life people. And we should not think for once that we live behind the world. We should look for good things that we have and share it with everyone. We should be proud of our history, heritage and costumes and not be ashamed of what who we are. We should step out from the shadow. If we go back and look deep inside us, we will find many things that others will envy us for. But you will not be able to know its value unless you miss it.

Globalization does not necessarily means that we should only take from west. But it also means that we can give them some of our knowledge and experiences and let them share some of our lifestyles. This is something that our young generation must understand and work for. You don’t need to imitate, follow or behave like west to be perceived as civilized people. The important thing is how to take our heritage and values to spot where everyone can see. Also the west should also open the door for acceptance and understanding. The channel should be open both ways. And respect is the key value if a successful relations.

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It is not important what I was doing there at that time. Also I am not blogging about the reason that dragged me from Shmiesani to Jordan University Hospital and ended up all night at Al Basheer Hospital. But just to make sure, it wasn’t me who is sick; it was my sister’s new born baby.

Forget the crappy filthy and full of smoke emergency room at Al Basheer Hospital. Forget the long process of paper work. And forget about the crowdedness of the place. Once we finished from the ER building and headed to the Maternity and Children building, which I spent 15 min spinning around by car with the baby inside the hospital campus with no proper signage, the filthiness and crowdedness was gone. But now its longer paper work. The building is some how new and well equipped. “This is something good to see in this hospital.” But unfortunately, a new clean building is not enough for a hospital.

It was 3:00 AM in the morning. I was standing near the nurse’s counter. On the alley, looking to this peach color wall, and waiting for doctors to finish taking my nephew’s medical history from his mother. I was waiting outside the incubator’s room. Looking and observing.

There were around 5 or 6 nurses on that night shift. Eating and gossiping in a loud voice. Just few meters from rooms full of mothers and sick babies sleeping or crying. Well some people believe that nurses are angles from heaven. They are willing to help you when you’re sick and take a good care of you keenly and with a soft refreshing smile.


That was not the case! All what I saw is a bunch of girls wearing white clothes and all there ambition is to finish this night and go home. A young girl came to them telling them that a pregnant mom got dizzy and she asked for help. The nurse replied aggressively with a big scream, “it not my responsibly, let her go down stairs to the pregnant section!” Ok! Another mother came to them asking them that her baby boy is crying all night. They just answered her with laughs and mocks. That was not a good way to treat someone. Even if they know that it was not a serious case that does not give them any right to mock a patient like this. I was so annoyed the way they deal with patients. But I just had something else on mind, which saved those nurses from my tongue.

I can’t imagine any reason behind that attitude. If they don’t like what they do, or if they can’t handle the nature of there job, then it would better for all to drop out. I know it’s not that easy to deal with patients and people. But they have to know that there is nothing easy in this world. All of us, no matter what we do, we face some difficulties and challenges in our work.

The most important thing of being a doctor or a nurse is to show people that you care. The core of your business is care. If you lose this, then you are no longer fit to that job. It is not important how much you know or how much you’re skilled, if you don’t show tendency towered your patients.

You can’t start a conversation with a doctor there unless you hear some complaints or negative comment comes out from his mouth. People who come to this hospital has already things on there mind and really they don’t want to hear more bad news coming from a doctor because there is no enough places for patients.

I don’t want to sound harsh, but what I really would like to say is that we need to act professional as much as we can no matter how difficult our situation is. That is all!

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Share your Concepts, NOW!

March 5th, 2007


It’s certainly the age of sharing that we are living by. And this mania has reached designers all over the world. Now, with ConceptShare you can share your ideas and get feedback on them. You can build a whole network of friends and designer who can give you valuable input about your work and design concepts. If you are working along or doing your own freelance business, this platform will help get useful design advices and help you improve your thinking process skills without working with a big team or some company. “Would it be the case? I don’t know!”

What is ConceptShare?

ConceptShare allows you to easily share designs inside Workspaces that contain designs related to a certain topic or project.
It’s easy to invite people into a workspace. Invite team members, managers, clients, and consultants to add and reply to comments, chat and markup designs.
People do not have to be in the workspace at the same time to contribute. Workspace members can log-in anytime to any workspace they are member. If members do happen to be in the workspace at the same time they can collaborate with real-time chat and real-time comment updates and concept updates.
Paid accounts can manage multiple workspaces and premium accounts can be branded to your logo and colors.

Read more when go there

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For me, it’s like exploring Jordan for the first time. Terhaal takes you to places that you have never heard about before. It tells you stories about secrets of a land that is full of mastery and shares with you some unique experiences of Jordanian travelers who are searching of hidden havens between the red stones of Jordan.

With a neat design and brand that reflects the adventurous spirit of Terhaal team; the site offers valuable information and reviews about places that can be a destination for every quest seeker.

The key world for tourism in Jordan is adventure. And this how I believe we should market our tourism experience in Jordan. The effect of this website can be enormous if we market it well. This site is an attraction point for all young and old adventurers around the world. This effort must be rewarded and adopted by large Jordanian stakeholder.

You might saw this blog before but I thought I have a duty to blog about it. Here are some of you will find on the about us

The idea of Terhaal came about when a young Jordanian couple, who spent most of their free time exploring and wandering through Jordan’s many valleys and gorges, decided that they wanted to share these natural treasures with visitors who prefer to stray off the beaten path. Together with two other friends they decided to start an Eco-Adventure Operator that would show people the true face of Jordan, benefit local communities whilst minimizing any impact to the environment. Terhaal also strives to reveal to Jordanians the natural wonders of their land that remain a mystery to many.

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يعني الله يرحم أيام ستّي لما كانت تروح لعند الفتّاحة أم محمد وتقرالها الفنجان. تفوت على بيت أم محمد تلاقي الدوخان والبخور معبي الغرفة. وقعدة عربية في الوسط سدر نحاس عليه خرز أزرق. والغرفة مظلمة وريحتها بتصتح. بس اليوم تحول بيت أم محمد لاستوديو وصار فك السحر على الهوا والتلفون.

تخيّل في موضة هلأ في القنوات الفضائية بتتخصص في فك السحر والشعوذه والخزعبلات. وقال إيش الشيخ الفلاني قاعد بحلل أمراض ومشاكل على التلفون وبعطي وصفات من القرآن كأنها حبّات دوا. وقال أيش.. راجعيني بعد أسبوع.

بقلك الزلمه، أقرائي أيه 70 من صورة كذا مع آية 60 من صورة كذا قبل الأكل وراجعيني بعد أسبوع وبإذن الله راح يروح الوجع. ولك الله يوخذك شو إنّك ما بتستحي…

العبرة من هذه القصة طبعاً، أنه إنتشار القنوات الفضائية والتلفونات الخلوية لا يعني بالضرورة تطور حضاري. وإنما تطور في وسائل استغلال وحلب العقول الجاهلة والمتخلفة التي مازالت تنتشر في عالمنا العربي. يعني يا ولاد الهبلة اللي قاعدين تتصلوا في هيك قنوات وتصرفوا مصاريكم على الفاضي، يعني بعد كل هالعلم والتطور الفكري والإنساني… في حدا لسى بآمن بي هالحكي الفاضي. بعدين هلأ ربنا نزل القرآن على سيدنا محمد “صلى الله عليه وسلّم” عشان حضرة جنابه الشيخ فلان يكتبوا وصفات للمرضى.. ولكوا عيب عليكوا يا بجم.. والله حرام اتكونوا مسلمين وحرام اتكونوا بشر.

مش من عوايدي أكتب هيك بس شي كان في صدري وطلعته، وتفوووووووووووا على هيك أمه.

بالمناسبة ستّي الله يرحم ترابها ما عمرها راحت على فتاحة.

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