Ramadan TV series for 2006

October 1st, 2006


Big productions, huge budgets, more action and extensive visual effects… BUT, poor scripts, pathetic acting and bad choice of actors. It seems that producers and directors do not care anymore about sense of drama anymore. Now they focus more on visual impacts and WOW effect. But I think the main reason behind this weakness is that most of TV drama directors do not have sense of acting, and they want to finish the series before Ramdan so there is no time for good acting.

I also noticed that most of series includes a multinational cast and production team… I think this phenomenon is positive and could enrich Arabic drama by exchanging experiences. And at the end it could lead to a strong drama production and powerful media.

I am not a regular viewer, nor a drama critic… So I don’t have much to say about TV series for this year. I just wanted to explain a clear opinion of what I saw during my weekend journey on Arabic TV satellite channels.

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