My wife told me a very disturbing story which made me feel sick for couple of days. She knew a girl who took a cap back from university to her dorm. The taxi driver stopped the car. Locked the doors and started to masturbate… the girl freaked out and begged him to let her go. After he finished, he let her go….

The story is a bit old. And after that incident the girl wear hejab. But this is not the point. The point is how come such a sick guy like this is being lose in the streets. How come this girl did not took actions and informed the police.

I am sure that this is not the only story you will ever hear about sick taxi drivers. You will find many many stories similar to this incident. This is why there is a big need to monitor all taxi drivers in the country and punish those who do shameful things and to make them examples for others.

This is going too far, and far beyond we can imagine. The law must take a firm stand against such acts like this.

Meanwhile, I advice every girl who wants to ride a taxi to take a look at the car plate No. before she enters the cap and tries to memories the number then dial it in her mobile. Also it is wise to take a look at the taxi driver’s license and to keep his name in her mind.

I can’t ask every girl not take a cap alone. But I think it’s wise to have someone with you or if you have a little girl not to allow her to take one alone.

Until we have a better public transportation. Until we have disciplined taxi driver. Every girl and women should take a good care of herself and take precautions when taking a cap.

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Yesterday I was so happy to have the chance to go and see one the events in Amman with my wife. It was long time ago since we went to such an event. Anyway the event was “Animation screen show” introduced by Abu Mahjoob Creative Productions.
It was meanly a screen show for Abu Mahjoob cartoons series from 2002 tell 2006. the show was pretty nice and I really enjoyed it. Until my wife’s mobile rang. It was my mother in law and she was having trouble with my little baby Joon. She was crying and no one could calm her down. So we couldn’t continue watching and we went back home… I was kind of upset, and I felt that my life is no longer mine. Many negative thoughts came to my mind on the way back. But once I opened the door and saw my little baby smiling, happy for our return. I said to my self “To the hell all the world, nothing worth like this beautiful smile”. She is the best screen show I’ve ever scene in my life… My baby Joon is the best life I could ever imagine.

So my dear… the moral of the story is… when you get married… don’t be sorry for the lost of your freedom. Because maybe you will have something much more precious than your life it self.

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بدأ المخرج السوري نجدت اسماعيل أنزور العمل على مسلسل “ضخم” يرد من خلاله على الرسوم الدنمركية المسيئة للرسول محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم، وذلك بسرد قصة رحالة عربي زار اسكندنافيا منذ ألف عام، وأوضح أنزور أن مسلسل “سقف العالم” يستوحي عنوانه من التسمية التي أطلقها الرحالة العربي أحمد بن فضلان على البلاد الاسكندنافية ويعتمد على تصوير مغامراته ورصد مناحي عيش وتفاصيل حياة الاسكندنافيين في تلك الفترة.

وقال أنزور:”نقصد من العنوان اظهار المفارقة حيث يتحدث المسلسل عن زمن وصلت فيه الدولة العربية الى سقف العالم بالعلم والثقافة وكان سكان سقف العالم في أدنى مستويات التخلف والانحطاط.”

أقرا المقال كاملاً على موقع العربية

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Happy Fitr Eid From Sha3teely

October 22nd, 2006

Happy Fitr Eid

A special greeting from Sha3teely… To All Muslims world for the celebration of Eid Al Fitr.. May GOD accept your deeds and bless your souls.

In this dark zone we can only hope for joy and happiness to our young kids… May GOD bring the joy and love of Eid which we experienced before to our children and kids.

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Integrity vs. popularity

October 19th, 2006

There are so many types of people and mentalities; therefore there are so many kinds of blogs and bloggers. Some people blog because they want to be famous [Miss Nancy Ajram]. Or they want to bring traffic to there site for more ad sense money [Traffic collectors]. You will see those people comment everywhere, post 1 to 3 posts daily. Short posts, quotes, news highlights or anything they can post about… quality is not important… purpose is not important too.

But some people take there blog in a much more serious way. They try to keep some sort of value on what they post. They also try to keep there posts original and not taken from other sources. Those people think 10 times before they post. And maybe they have a box full of drafts. If they feel that this post will not do any good to the reader, they prefer not to publish it.

I respect both kinds. I can’t say this is wrong or right… because this is a part of the blog culture… this is a part of the ultimate web freedom. Also these are two extreme cases. Definitely there are some bloggers in the middle.

For people who like to keep integrity of there website, the most dangerous thing to do is to have a web stat plug-in or try to keep track on your blog visitors through Alexa or similar web services. You will become obsessed with traffic. You will start to do everything to increase your visitor numbers. This will lead you eventually to lower your standers and at the end… Your reader will rule you and you will become a service provider not a writer… This not the case of all bloggers

At the end it’s your blog… you’re free of what ever you would like to do on the web…
But keep your original purpose in your mind and try to keep the good work.

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302 crap Arabic series has only one good indicator. That Arabic cartoon May be better than Arabic Drama after all. Those Arabic cartoons are taking a new space in Ramadan competition. This year we had a rise in the numbers of Arabic cartoon production on TV channels. I counted 4 series tell now. This is not only a rise in numbers but also a raise in quality and branding.

“Men Wahl Al wake3 2” Abu Mahjoob’s latest production, in terms of quality and time, it is much better than the last year. Hopefully this will continue.


On MBC1 a new Arabic series called “Daily’s of Menahy” are making a big buzz in Saudi Arabia. It’s the first Saudi cartoon production. The scenario and dialogue are pretty good. The animation needs a bet of tweaking, but in general it’s making a huge buzz in the gulf. And I see lots of people downloading series videos from the web.

A new well done 3D animation show, which is being featured on Dubai TV and Sama Dubai called “Freej”. “Freej” is UAE cartoon production. The characters are pretty cool; the scenarios are funny and not bad. The good thing about this show is that they are branding it very will. Take a look at there website.

About the forth cartoon series, I don’t have enough information. It’s being showed on Sama Dubai. I watch one episode and I really liked it. It’s about an Egyptian guy lives and works in UAE. The drawings are amazing, thanks to our talented artist Amer Al kokh. If you know any information about this cartoon series please feel free to add more information to this article.

The interesting thing about those shows is that they are targeting adult audience. The scripts and dialogues are trying to be socially or politically critic. You may not like any one of them… but look at it from a deferent angle; you may see a new field of competition in the Arabic TV production. Sooner that you think!

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As most of Muslims know, “Masa7araty” is someone who walks in the streets before done. Shouting and calling for people to wakeup, so that they can eat “Sa7or” and prey for God before the done prayer call…

This year I swear I didn’t hear any “Masa7araty” in the neighborhood. But today and before sunset, two young men rang my door bell. one of them said that he is the “Masa7arty” and he was asking for some money “Elly be6la3 men nefsak”.

Well…daaaaaaah… first of all, I didn’t hear his voice all of Ramadan. Secondly he does not look like any “Masa7arty”. In fact he looks like a drug addict. Also it is not the end of Ramadan. And this is not the way the “Masa7raty” asks for money every year… Every year the “Masa7raty” walks in the streets, infront of people with his drum asking for goods. But those guys were without any drum or even voice.

What am saying is that anyone could call himself a “Masa7araty” and knocks the doors asking for money… This is a big door for sick people to take advantage of good people. I am not saying that those guys are layers. Maybe they are saying the truth… but for me they looked 100% suspicious.

I suggest that the Ministry of Religious Endowments should take control of this job…
First: to save this ritual or tradition and keep it alive.
Second: to give people who are really in need for a job, the chance to earn some money.
Third: to protect good people from frauds.

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يمثل مسلسل خالد بن الوليد والذي يعرض على شاشة الـMBC قمة الفشل الدرامي على جميع الأصعدة. فعلى مستوى النص التاريخي، هناك الكثير من الأخطاء التاريخية والتفاصيل المغيبة والإضافات التي ليس لها أي مرجع. أما بالنسبة للإخراج فهو فاشل بكل معنى الكلمة، لا أدري إن كان المخرج يراجع افلام التصوير أوالمشاهد بعد أخذها أم لا.. وأما الممثلين فهم أسواء ما رأت عيني، وصراحة لا توجد شخصية واحدة في المسلسل تركب على شخوص التاريخ بالشكل الصحيح.

وحتى لا أكون مبالغاً في تقديري، فقد كانت حلقة البارحة هي الخط الأحمر الذي أسقط المسلسل من عيني بشناعة. فقد كانت الحلقة تتحدث عن معركة مؤتة، وقد كنت أنتظر هذه الحلقة بفارغ الصبر. ولكن بعد مشاهدتي لكيفية تعامل المخرج والكاتب مع النص، صابني حالة من الكآبة والقهر على مسلسل أصبح يشكل إهانة جديدة لشخصيات التاريخ.

أولاً: من ناحية أحداث القصة والموقعة، فإن المسلمين أتخذوا من قرية مؤتة حصناً لهم، وكانت التضاريس والموقع توفر حماية للمسلمين من الجوانب وتحصر ميدان المعركة في نطاق ضيق مما يؤدي إلى مواجهة متكافئة بين الجيشين.. أما في المسلسل فقد كانت أرض المعركة ساحة مفتوحة، ولو كانت كذلك لقضي على المسلمين من أول يوم.

ثانياً: قبل أن يستشهد زيد وجعفر وعبدالله بن الرواحة، صمد المسلمون 6 أيام في وجه الرومان، أما في المسلسل فمن أول يوم إستشهدوا وفي اليوم التالي أخذ الراية خالد.

ثالثاً: إن خالداً لم يطلب الراية أبداً وانما أجبر على أخذها، أما في المسلسل فقد أظهر عكس ذلك، وأظهر أن خالداً ظل يحوم ويحوم حول القادة حتى يأخذ الراية منهم.

رابعاً: وهو ما رفع الضعط لدي، أن روعة معركة مؤتة تجلّت في عبقرية هذا القائد في إنقاذ ماء وجه المسلمين وإنقاذ أرواحهم من خلال أعظم خطة إنسحاب في التاريخ، ومعظمنا يعلم القصة ولكن المسلسل أظهر أن المسلمين فرّوا بالليل وهذ ليس صحيحاً، بل أنسحب المسلمون في وضح النهار ومن منتصف المعركة وأمام أعين الروم دون أن يتجرأ أحد منهم على اللحاق بالمسلمين.(إقرأ عن تفاصيل المعركة)

خامساً: قد يقول المخرج إن وقت المسلسل لا يسمح لنا بسرد كل التفاصيل، ولكني أقول للأسف أن معظم المسلسل عبارة عن لقطات لا معني ولا هدف لها، فثلاثة أرباع الوقت يضيع في مشاهد تظهر مشي الجنود فقط وتأملات وموسيقى مملة كعادة المسلسلات العربية والتي لاأعرف إلى الآن لماذا هذا التضيع الممل للوقت.. وفي النهاية لا يكون هناك متسع للوقت لسرد الاحداث المهمة.

على العموم لقد تأكد لي أن الكاتب لا يعرف شيئاً عن خالد بن الوليد، ولا يعرف شيئاً عن التاريخ الإسلامي.. كما تأكد لي أن المخرج لا يعرف شيئاً عن الإسلام ولا يعرف قيمة الصحابة الذي اختار لهم ممثلين لا يرقون إلى مستوى كومبارس. وللأسف فإن النقود التي صرفت على هذا المسلسل قد صرفت سدىً. وللأسف فإن هذا المسلسل هو إهانة لأعظم قائد عسكري عرفه التاريخ.

إن خالداً بن الوليد بالنسبة لي هو كمن يعجب بممثل أو فنان في هذا الزمان، فأنا من أشد المعجبين بهذا الرجل إلى حد الجنون، قد قرأت الكثير عنه وعن حروبه وعبقريتة، وكان هذا الدافع الوحيد لأتابع هذا المسلسل، وياليتني لم أفعل.

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Who is the terrorist?

October 3rd, 2006

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