The world celebrates the internet.

September 28th, 2006

I can say that our generation has witness the fast evolution of the internet. Ten years ago our life was deferent than today… 15 years ago our life was not like this at all…

I used to have friends outside Jordan. I had to write them letters, and send it by regular post… the process had to take 2 to 3 week until I you get a respond… Now in a few second your letter can reach someone in the opposite location of the globe.

How much did the internet change your life? What can you do to celebrate this event?

Share us your story, tell us your first experience with the internet… celebrate it with the world.

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Mercedes-Benz Museum

September 26th, 2006


One of the most amazing architectural projects I’ve ever saw this year. I read a review about the museum in “Dutch” magazine, then I went for a little search on the internet. The Museum is located in Stuttgart, Germany. and realized in May 2006. Read the rest of this entry »

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إذا كانت عندك سيارة، منزل ومائدة فطور من كافة الأطعمة. إذا كان لديك من النقود ماتصرف به على نفسك في سهرة رمضانية. فأنت أكيد لست من عائلة أبو سعد! تذكر بأنك محظوظ وتذكر أن تحمدالله على نعمته بأن جعل راتبك خمسة أضعاف دخل أبو سعد الشهري..إذا أردت أن تعرف المزيد عن أبوسعد، إقرا المقال التالي من جريدة الغد الأردنية.

أبو سعد يستقبل رمضان بصندوق بيض وكيلو تمر

محرومون بيننا

هاني المشاقبة

الزرقاء- يقطع السبعيني موسى احمد أكثر من 20 كيلو مترا سيرا على الأقدام حاثا خطاه بحثا عن بقايا عبوات المشروبات الغازية “الألمنيوم” بين منطقتي الرصيفة وصويلح بشكل شبه يومي.

ورغم تقدمه بالسن الا ان ابو اسعد لا يحد من عزيمته كثرة الهموم وضيق ذات اليد، وضغط أمراض الضغط والسكر على جسده، مواصلا جمع ما بين 2 الى 4 كيلو غرامات من تلك العبوات التي يبيعها الى احد التجار بمبلغ لا يتجاوز دينارين ونصفا في احسن الاحوال.

ويقول ابو اسعد “تبدأ رحلتي يوميا من ساعات الصباح الباكر من منطقة الجبل الشمالي باتجاه صويلح عن طريق شارع ياجوز وتنتهي في بعض الاحيان في ساعات المساء” مشيرا الى انه في بعض الاحيان لا يستطيع جمع اكثر من كيلو غرام واحد من العبوات المعدنية وهي لا تكاد تكفي أجرته في العودة.

ويقطن الشيخ الذي يعيل زوجته المصابة بمرض الصرع اضافة الى ابنه الذي ما يزال على مقاعد الدراسة الأساسية وإحدى بناته التي تزوجت من شاب عاطل عن العمل وتعيش معظم اوقات العام معهم بمعية طفلها ذي الثلاث سنوات في منطقة الجبل الشمالي في بيت مكون من غرفة واحدة ومطبخ.

ويحتاج الشخص الذي يود الوصول الى بيت ابو اسعد الولوج في أزقة المنطقة والصعود اكثر من 30 درجة حتى يصل الى بيته الذي تصدعت أركانه وسقفه وتآكلت جدرانه حتى انها لم تعد تمنع وصول مياه الأمطار الى أمتعتهم البسيطة.

ويضيف ابو اسعد الذي عمل في أيام شبابه في اعمال الإنشاء والبناء ثم عمل في احد المطاعم، من دون ان يحصل في نهاية خدمته التي استمرت اكثر من 40 عاما على أي راتب تقاعدي او ضمان اجتماعي “أنا احصل على 46 دينارا من صندوق المعونة الوطنية وهي لا تكفي بالاضافة الى دخلي من جمع عبوات المشروبات الغازية لدفع أجرة البيت التي تبلغ ( 35 دينارا) ودفع أجور الكهرباء والماء ومصاريف ابنه المدرسية”.

اما عن مصاريف البيت الاخرى كالطعام والشراب واثمان أدويته وأدوية زوجته التي تتجاوز العشرين دينارا شهريا يقول ابو اسعد “انه يحصل على خمسة دنانير شهريا من صندوق زكاة المسجد الموجود في الحي بالاضافة الى مساعدات أهل الخير ان وجدت وان لم تأت فيبيت ذلك اليوم دون طعام”.

ويزيد “لم تتجاوز مؤونة شهر رمضان لهذا العام صندوقي بيض وبندورة وكيلو غرام من التمر، كنت أتمنى ان أستطيع إحضار الجبن او قمر الدين او أي من مواد السحور لكننا فاضلنا بين الحصول على طعام للسحور او الفطور فقررنا تأمين طعام الفطور.

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Ramadan Kareem from Sha3teely

September 23rd, 2006

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Abu MAhjoob

Longer, better quality and improved animation. This is what Abu Mahjoob promised us this season. I saw yesterday a review on JTV about the new season of . And I was so glade and happy to know that Mr. Omar Al Abdallat is leading and directing the Animation of Abu Mahjoob. I know Omar’s work from his website. He is one of the best flash animators and cartoonist in town. His animations are smooth, fast and simple which I’m sure that his style will add a good flavor to Abu Mahjoob series.

I think we will see a big deference this year and a better animation indeed. I’m so exited about this work and I hope one day we will be able to see a big movie for Abu Mahjoob.

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Finally I was able to gather most of my clay work photos and upload them on flickr.

Take a look at the gallery.

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Unused resources…!

September 20th, 2006

Universities in Jordan are almost not adding much to the development process of society in term of direct participation in economic and scientific industries. It is more like a school in a form of a university.

Most of students are graduated with no knowledge or experience in actual work. Most of them lack experience and skills. 80% of there knowledge are gained through work.

There is a big question mark on our high education system. We need to transform those institutions into active and useful institutions for both private and public sector.

Unfortunately private sector is considering university student as target consumers rather than looking at them as information source. In some part of the world, universities are considers a viable source of research and information. We can adopt this example here and gain lots of interest for both parties.

Engaging universities in the market opens new channels for more development of society.  It will give universities extra money incomes and supports.  And provide market sectors with proper research and information.

It’s time for those sectors to get use of these wasted powers and start making deals with universities. For example the Municipality of Greater Amman could use some students to make a research about traffic jams in Amman. Or it could ask some students of architecture to study and archive old Amman.

Instead of studding things only on paper, Let them have the chance to learn from real work.

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Experimenting Photoshop filters

September 17th, 2006


Have I told you before that I hate using Photoshop filters? Well… This time I was looking into some filters and after a little bit of experimentation I was able to create this artwork… I couldn’t use it in any design but I thought it would be nice to blog it.

There is something about this artwork I like…

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Neighbors from Hell!

September 17th, 2006

It was a nice and calm night yesterday. Until 09:00 PM when our neighbors started there kid’s party… I don’t know what it was for. But all what I saw is a bunch of kids screaming and dancing on a load shitty songs. I started to have a migraine. The screaming and sounds did not stop. My poor baby was sick and trying to sleep. I went to my bedroom and took my special electromagnetic bomb. I through it into the sky. The bomb absorbed all electricity in the city. It took off all power supplies. But the screaming kept on and on. Then I took my laser machine gun and started to shoot those kids… after 5 min everything was quiet.

Actually I don’t have an electromagnetic bomb, or a laser machine gun. All what I had is 3 pellows to stick my head between them. But actually this is what I was thinking when I laid my self on the bed trying to sleep.

I never had a home party for one reason. I don’t want to disturb my neighbors… so why don’t all people think like me. Do you have to make your neighbors’ night a hell just to have FUN!!

By the way, this is not the first time those neighbors have a party. Almost every weekend they have one.

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Workers in a construction site.. photo taken by Yazan Doughan 2002

As my daily morning habit I went to see whats new in the JordanPlanet. I was shocked to hear such news about Amman towers being collapse.

Two men were died!! Well… how many more people should die for us to learn that there is something called safety regulations, or is it because the workers are not Jordanians so no one care.

Am so pissed off from how building constructions are being managed. FYI its not the first time such an accident like this happened in Jordan… I remember that a same accident happened while constructing the Sheraton Hotel in Amman. Two other workers died when a roof collapse on there heads. At that time no one mentioned this accident. No measurements were taken. They just kept it unknown.

If you go to all construction sites in Jordan, you will not ever see a worker who takes his safety inconsideration. In fact they consider it “3eeb” a sham. No proper clothes, no proper gears and no proper method of work. Contractors do not care. Government does not care. No one care. Why should they spend more money and efforts on safety regulations while we have thousands of workers who can take place of the dead ones?

I know that the problem is not only the lack safety. But accidents could happen anytime and anywhere. Taking safety regulation inconsideration might save some lives, a life of a man who traveled hundreds of miles to feed his family.

No construction site should be allowed, no contractor should be allowed to work unless his workers are fully equipped. No workers should be allowed to work in a construction site unless he is following safety guidelines. In fact I think they should be trained first and given a certificate that allows them to work in construction site.

No matter how big or small a construction site is, this underestimation of life safety has to stop.

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