The largest sofa in town!!

June 10th, 2006


I was passing through khalda in my way to my parents’ house and I saw this huge sofa; I wonder if we have a giant in town who has requested this sofa. Will this town is full of giants, thank God for that. Beware not to be stepped by there foots.
Anyway, I think this sofa will be enough for five poor families who do not have anything to set on. They can now set and enjoy the street view or a big screen to watch the world cup.

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لا شك في أن كأس العالم لكرة القدم خلقت وحدة بين شعوب الأرض على حب تلك الكرة الصغيرة. واصبح البلاين من الناس ينتظرون تلك اللحظة التي يشتركون فيها بلغة واحدة ومشاعر إثارة واحدة. حتى الشعوب التي لم تتأهل منتخاباتها إلى كأس العالم. فإنها تقوم بمتابعت المونديال بنفس الحماس، وإن لم يكن أكثر، وكل شخص في العالم يلبس قميص فريق دولة يحبها ويقوم بتشجيعها كأنها بلده بل أعز.

تلك قد تكون لحظات جميلة، يعيشها العالم ولو لأيام محدودة… ولكن هذه التظاهرة ليست إلاّ شاشة قد تحجب الرؤيا عن واقع مؤلم ومرير لبعض شعوب الأرض.

عندما حدثت مجزرة صبرا وشاتيلا، عمت المظاهرات شوارع الدول العربية. ولكنها للأسف لم تكن لنصرة الضحايا، بل كانت فرحة الناس بفوز المنتخب الجزائري على ألمانيا في المونديال.

وفي الوقت الحالي، فإن الوضع في فلسطين والعراق والصومال وغيرها، يزداد من سيء إلى أسوء، ويأتي الخوف هنا من أن يستغل البعض إنشغال الإعلام بكأس العالم، ويحدث المزيد من الخراب والدمار. مستغلاً غفلة العالم عن يدور حولهم من أحداث.

في السنوات الأخيرة، أصبحنا نرى مدى التأثير التي تحدثه الجماهير والشعوب، وأصبحت هي القوة الوحيدة القادرة على الوقوف في مواجهة المخطاطات والمصالح السياسية. ومن طاقة الشعوب، يكسب الإعلام مصدر قوته. وبتغيبها تغيب المواجه وتغيب أعين الرقيب ويسهل عندها تنفيذ أفظع الجرائم. وعندما يستفيق العالم يصبح الوقت قد فات. ويحدث ما يحدث.

كم أتمنى أن نعيش لحظات المونديال وقلوبنا مطمئنة بواقع مشرق وجميل. وكم أتمنى أن ينتشر حب تلك الكرة الصغيرة ليشمل العالم كله. كم أتمنى أن تحرّم الدماء، على الأقل فترة المونديال.

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Joon the Sha3teelieh

June 6th, 2006

Thank you Do3a2 for this nice sha3teely branded cloth for Joon

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Hammam Al Basha

June 4th, 2006


My wife always loves to surprise me. Her latest one was reserving for me in Hammam Al Basha. So I went for the first time in my life to a Damascene bath. I would never think to go to a Damascene bath. But my wife was able to make me does that. “It’s another way to tell meshan Alla et7amam.. re7tak 6al3a”

Hammam Al Basha is in Jabal Amman, near the rainbow street. Because it was a surprise, I didn’t bring my cam with me. When you enter the hall, you will see lots of antiques and a big fish pool, very nice one. Then you go to a change room. After you change you start the process by taking a shower. Then you enter the Sauna room with Karkadeeh and crushed ice drink. After you melt there, you go and sunk your self in the Jacuzzi… now you can’t move… 2 big men ten times bigger than me are waiting to give you a soup bath. I took the soup bath and I guess I lost 2kg of dirt. Then you go take shower and move the massage table where you get a very relaxing massage. After they finish from you, you will be a new man. Shining like a brand new shoos.

I had a wonderful sleep last night; even today I walk up at 6:00 am for the first time in year. Now am thinking to convince my boss to have a meeting with the staff there. It would be a great gift to all employees if they had the chance to go and relax from work stress. Setting behind the computer everyday and all day long is so stressful. And if that kept going for a long time the production level will decline. So it would be great to invest 20 JD from time to time in something that reduces the stress.

One more thing, if you want to have more fun and good time, you rather take some friends with you, to have a good chat while you are in the Sauna room or the Jacuzzi. Also you only need a short. You don’t need to bring lots of stuff with you. Anything you need for the bath is there.

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Morning wish!

June 1st, 2006

I just wake up this morning and my mind took me to Cairo, I don’t know why. I just imagined Cairo as car free city for only one day. How would it be look like if that happened? Are people in Cairo will have a day of clean and fresh air for the first time in there life?

Then I thought what will happen if Amman had the same day, a day which no car is moving in any street. This could be a national celebration. You can only see people walking and enjoying a fresh air free from diesel and gases for the first time in a modern city.

I know this could be hard to implement, but if we plan it will it might be possible. It could be a national vacation, so no one needs to drive long distances to go for work. Only cars are allowed for emergency cases.

Just think of that, how would be great just to walk with no cars on the street. Kids play safely, and no car accidents for only one day. No jams, no noise or bad smells, only fresh and clean air.

Lets all keep this wish on our minds… maybe one day it will become true.

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