Are we just copy machines?!!

September 8th, 2005

I AM JUST SICK of imitations. I just kept hours and hours, going through 170 Arab satellite channels, and all what I saw is copy cat TV shows, movies, real TVs, video clips and commercials. I just don’t believe it !!

Are those people who work on these stuff proud of what they are doing?? Do they think that no one will know from were they took there ideas? I can’t imagine how do they think!!

Most of Egyptian movies are 100% copy of Hollywood. Believe it, some movies has the same script and even the same storyboard, costumes and scenery.. and what makes you sad that the writer or director of the movie take a credit of himself.

And what about the real TV mania, almost every Real TV broadcasted in America has an Arabic version or a similar Arabic show.

Forget fashion, forget everything else, its just shows you how much poor we became, how pathetic our minds are.. everyday and day the believe of that Arab mentality is not creative, becomes solid to me.. Here in Jordan, when someone launches a good business, people start to work like a copy machine.. and dozens of the same business fill up the market. 120 internet caf.. in one street, 4 mobile companies, hundreds and hundreds of mobile stores..

I AM JUST SICK OF THAT, and sure thing is that am going to start an Anti Arab Copy Cat Organization.. my be one day we will be able to bring something new to our people and to civilization.


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September 7th, 2005


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My Brother..My Butcher

September 6th, 2005

I saw thousands and thousands of homeless Palestinians whom there houses has been demolished by a hurricanes of  Israeli Caterpillar’s loaders. pennies were given with big “Ta7meelet Jameleh”.

And I believed what I saw

I saw thousands and thousands of homeless people in Bosnia and Chechnya, there houses has bee lost due to wars and crisis, no money were given..

And I believed what I saw

I saw millions of people in Iraq dying in the streets, money were given, just to kill more.

And I believed what I saw

I saw millions of homeless people in Malaysia and Indonesia , there lands and houses were eaten by earthquake. Their children were sold in black market. No money were sent, just few good people help.

And I believed what I saw

Now am seeing homeless people in the U.S. and I just see big numbers coming from voices which never been spoken before, a generosity which never been seen before, $500 million, $100 million and who goes more!!

My brother, just keep your money… My butcher give him all the money

I am sorry for all homeless people in the world, am sorry for humanity, am sorry for the people we became of, am sorry for the time we are living now.

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3ayef el tanakeh

September 5th, 2005

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September 4th, 2005


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