Ta3rapozy language

August 14th, 2005


Adaptation of technological term are sometime funny, well.. what the heck, who cares if am saying it right or wrong as long you can understand what am saying. Technology became pain in the ass, and terms become much and much harder to understand and read, or even memories, lots of shortcuts such as UPS, RSS, HTTP, XHTML, PHP..etc I think one day languages will all become shortcuts “ HTDP LXML SFG NYT ”. and what makes worst is that we cannot translate terms into Arabic or at least we do not have a unified translation, so people by default start to use pronunciation of English word in an Arabic language form, and the outcomes are hilarious. So don’t laugh when you hear someone say BAKAS instead of BACK AXIS because its just a form of adaptation. I see this clear in most of the consumers societies such as in the gulf where you will find some English terms became part of there common language “ GLASEH, WIRE, LEET “ Light or LAMBA”, MOTOR” and so on. This is why I believe that communication methods are dynamic and evolving entity, therefore languages are in a constant change too.

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August 11th, 2005

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Police in Jordan

August 9th, 2005


I’ve just got this picture from a friend.. sara7a i have no comment… Ba7′af

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Save the Roads

August 7th, 2005






“All these images were taken only in one street!!”

Something I always hate to see in Amman, construction sites. We people should learn how to respect public property. We pay money for the municipality to pave the road in front of our houses and here comes an irresponsible contractor or careless worker and use the street for mixing mortar or storing stones and sands, leaving no space for movement and making permanent damage to the street.

I think the municipality should act and do something to those people, we cannot pay more money for new pavements, our cars are suffering and more visual contaminations are being added.

Every construction site in Amman should follow some rules of safety, workers should be notified on the importance of preserving public properties. Inspections by the municipality should be done in a regular base, and fines on violations must be taken.

This is how we make our city a beautiful place to stay, this is how we act in a civilized world. We should care about other to let other care about us.

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A Mood for Philosophy

August 4th, 2005

If you don’t like “ 7aki emfalsaf” you don’t have to read this :)

A question that is always popup in mind, where do I belong to? What should I belong for? Should I belong to something? Is it a land? A place? Or is it a thought, concept or ideology? Is it a brand, money or a desire? Different things which makes us different people.

I belong to a religion, a place and a thought. I belong to people, time and movement.. these are what makes me unique. We are all unique, living a unique life in a unique place and time.

Before belonging comes believe, if you want to belong to something you should believe in it. You should understand that this thing is you and you is that thing. You should believe that when you die, this thing will follow your soul and define the reason behind your existence.

I belong to a living religion, a changing place and an evolving concept. I belong to a growing people, expendable time and dynamic movement. Thus I am living changing and evolving person who will grow dynamically and eventually will be expended.

You might think it’s a bit philosophic speech, but am sure from time to time each one us has similar thoughts. I always like to keep my search for answers open, I like open endings :) what do you think? Where do you belong?

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Crossing the Road

August 3rd, 2005

Tips for Pedestrians
When Crossing a road in Amman follow these tips

  • RUN as fast as you can, if you drop something don’t even think for second to stop and pick it up, its just a matter of seconds and you will be flattened.
  • Close your eyes and drop your self on to the street and wish to GOD to let drivers see you.
    If you are a beautiful women your mission is much easer, a short dress or a cleavage will do the job. But if you are a man then don’t even think of doing the same.
  • Make sure that you shoe ties are tight, and your high heals are a good brand to insure more safety standards.
  • You can cross the street lane by lane, and if you are stuck in the middle, cry or play dead.

Tips for driver
While you drive and when you encounter a street passer

  • If you hit someone make sure that you have killed him, because if you don’t you will be bankrupt and end up with an endless headache trying to please him and treat him in hospitals. But if you kill him the story will end by a cup of coffee in “3a6weh”.
  • If you saw someone crossing the street from far away, speed up to frighten him or he will take lots of time crossing the street.
  • Use flash lights and beeps to inform people on the road that you will not let them cross the road and they should not even think to cross.
  • When letting someone cross the road make to sure to give him a mean stare, just to let him know that next time you will not let him cross.
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