As a step to keep the club’s members posted on recent events and activities, the Jubilee Alumni club has launched its Weblog at

The site includes information about the club, and will be used to post announcements on new events. It is also has links to weblogs by other Jubilee alumni. The blog is still under development and hopefull it will connect people more.

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Disconnected..Laweeh leeh??

August 31st, 2005

I just feel that am disconnected from the whole world, I feel that I don’t have anything to say or think about, sometimes I have this feeling, and that’s what drives me to some sort of depression.

Although I have loads of work these days, but still I hate that feeling of being disconnected. May be I didn’t read or see news lately or may be I am in the “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE” mood.

I guess this week wasn’t my best week, and I believe tomorrow is another day. InshAlla I will be feeling better and come back to the I DO CARE mood.

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8:30-9:00 AM
Look for parking under a shaded area and without causing a traffic ticket

9:00-9:15 AM
Check in, say HELLO to everyone, chat a bit.

9:15-9:30 AM
Make Coffee

9:30-9:50 AM
Have a smock

9:50-10:00 AM
Rest from smocking, as you know morning cigarette sometime makes you a bit dizzy
10:00-10:30 AM
Wait for your bloody PC to startup..

10:30-11:00 AM
Check your emails

11:00-11:30 AM
Reply to your emails

11:30-12:30 PM
Chat with some friends on msn

12:30-1:30 PM
Do the work you supposed to do from 3 days ago

1:30-3:00 PM
Lunch brake, including driving, eating, chatting, smoking, sleeping

3:00-3:15 PM
Check in, Smock

3:15-4:00 PM
Play Yahoo Games

4:00-4:30 PM
Make necklaces from paperclips

Its time to read the newspaper, because you were so busy in the morning and you couldn�t read it.

Phone call with some friends, just to arrange a hangout after the office hours.

Waiting for the office hours to finish. Have a smock in between.

If you can’t wait, just go home and no one will care about the damn 4 min.

End of day

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Jameed and Kosayeh [3]

August 25th, 2005

Jameed and Kosayeh

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Last Saturday was my first wedding anniversary, its been a whole year and I felt that time is passing so quick. I survived thank GOD, and I thank my beautiful wife for make it a wonderful year. I thank all my friends who supported me and gave me good advices and I wish all of you to have a happy life..

I made this clay work for my wedding invitation a year before, and I just wanted you to share that monument with me.

All the love I can give for Shorouk, Allah ye7′lelly eyyaki

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Blogger for Microsoft word

August 22nd, 2005

I just downloaded Blogger for Microsoft word which gives you the ability to write and post directly from word, unfortunately it seems that it does not support images yet, unless you provide the link. But still I think it’s a practical way for quick posting. This post is just a test to see how it works.

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August 18th, 2005

How much a person value in this society? Do we measure people by how much money or power do they have, or how much close they are to leaders at the top or how much they can suck for them?

If we are just able to measure people on how much they work for the better good of society, this place would be a haven for me! I’ve just remembered what the king just said in his last speech to the ministers and senates when he said that no one is above the law and all are being measure upon their contribution toward the county, this phrase hit my mind and heart. And I’ve just seen how much poor am I. The reality always bites.. I am normal citizen with no money or “Wasta” wishing everyday to pass without troubles. When I drive I always hope not to have a fight with someone “Wasel 3ashan ma yen7′reb beety”. If I have “Mo3amaleh” I wish not to run too much between floors.

The fact that am not looking for money or power, am just looking for respect.. and in this country you can’t get it unless you have money or power. I wish if they know, I wish if they value.. I am out of the scale.

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When People Complain

August 15th, 2005

في يوم اجتمعوا النواب مع بعض، وكانوا خايفين، صاروا يحكوا بين بعض: يا إخوان شعبكم سلامتك وتعيش، رفعوا ضريبة المبيعات وما حدا حكى شي، ورفعوا المخالفات وما حدا اتخنفس، ورفعوا سعر الاسمنت والسكر والبنزين وسلامتك ما أحلا بيجامتك، ولا صوت ولا صوره.. شو مالو هالشعب لازم إنحركوا شوي عشان نلاقي شغل لإلنا.
وهيك يا إخوان راحوا النواب بين الكواليس، مع كم وزير أزعر وطلعوا قرار إنهم يحطّوا شرطي على كل إشارة مرور عشان كل سيارة بدها إتمر لازم الشرطي يفقع الشفير بالعضل، ما هو ما في حل غير هيك وبدهم هالشعب يثور، يفدح تاريخوا من شعب. على العموم والله وثار الشعب وقاموا حملوا حالهم وراحوا على النواب، فالنواب انبسطوا، طبعاً لقولهم شغله، فسألوهم خير شو في، قال الشعب: يا إخوان الحكومة حطت شرطي على كل إشار عشان يفقعوا كل شفير بمر، يا أخوان هذا مش عدل.. النواب: طب تمام، شو طلباتكم. الشعب: بالله إتزيدوا عدد الشرطة على كل إشارة عشان نلحق دوامنا بكّير واتخف هالأزمة!!

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If you are a designer or intrested in design issues, just read this article

From the article

… We look at design as problem solving. We go to meetings asking, How can we use design to provoke, bring an idea to life or change the dynamics of a meeting? We see design as a way to move the conversation forward.

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Cartton | Puzzle

August 14th, 2005

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