July 31st, 2005

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Signs.. Signs.. Signs..

July 31st, 2005



If you don’t know how to write a CV just look at these signs in Amman, we are creative enough to combine portfolios with signs and save money.

Actually I got these images from an email from my colleague in the office and probably you’ve seen it before, but these signs opened a wound in my heart. The beautiful Amman is drowning under ugly signs.

Signs are competing with each other, bigger and bigger it became. Technology made it worse, ugly computer graphic and ugly flex signs are more to be used. You cannot read building architecture anymore, you only read signs and text. And what makes a disaster is what people write on there signs, and how they present themselves. You will find all kind of signs, sleazy, stupid, ugly, silly and crowded all mixed in your eyes. You will see also stolen brands, graphics and names. Only in Jordan you will find a shoe store with a stolen brand of Canon. Only in Jordan you will find Fido Dido as a restaurant logo or a signage company logo…

If you asked me what is the good thing about the above signs, my answer would be the typography, at least it’s a hand written typeface which is better than most of the ugly computer generated typefaces that we see around us, and I wish if we can go back to those kind of sings … with less text definitely… rather than seeing “Sha67at” by computer.

I hope creativity will stop one day!!

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My head on Fireworks

July 28th, 2005

Wait, I don’t have fireworks phobia, but last night it reached the limits of me, due to tawjihi results, fireworks were coming from all over Amman all night long, I counted 231 and I stopped counting cuz I had to sleep, my eyes still see glooms of fireworks. I just wonder how much does it cost to launch 1 rocket.. will multiply that with thousands and images if you have this business of selling rockets :)

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Amman Under Fireworks

July 26th, 2005

Basically I live at the 4th level a Shmiesani building, and I have a nice view from my balcony that looks to the east of Amman. Anyway, one the things I just got used to is watching fireworks everyday, all night and all over Amman. You can count at least 10 to 15 fireworks at one night happing in deferent places and time.

It is a joyful seen, and it shows how much people are trying to spread happiness all over Amman, but when I think of it, I just see lots of money spent on fireworks that only stays for few moments. This tells you that there is money in town, but at least not in your hands :)

Most of the fireworks are due to weddings, but is it becoming a trend or a must in all weddings? Thank God I got married before I had to pay for fireworks..

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It just happened that I went last Saturday to Al Hussien Park around noon, at that time I had to look for a shaded place to set and protect my bold head.. and guess what!! It wasn’t that much easy. Trees are still young and doesn’t give you any shades, you might find a very nice building architecture to hide your self in, or you can set under what its supposed be a shaded seats and hide behind strips of shades which will give you a zebra tan ,”look at phots up“… I just kept wondering about the designer of this seating shelters; what was he thinking of when he designed this slim wooden beams shelters thinking that its going to be useful in both summer and winter, or may be he is waiting for another 10 to 20 years until the park’s trees give his shelters some shade. Probably this wooden beams cost the municipality a fortune and it has no use at all.. oooh I forgot, “it looks nice”. I rather set under an ugly shelter which can protect may hairless head rather than set under a very nice shelter which can give me no shade at all… a word for designers: Please think before design

Design is to make things work nicely, no to make nice things that doesn’t work…

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Jameed we Kosayeh [2]

July 21st, 2005

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I remember when I was studying architecture at university, I hated AutoCAD. It was too much complicated for me, and yet AutoCAD was only the beginning of a long and time consuming process in presentation, because after you finish working on AutoCAD you need to take your models and drawing and place them in 3D studio or Photoshop for rendering.


Ok, what if I want to make a quick 3D sketch with decent presentation to show my concept to some client or my instructor at university… well I have to do it by hand or ill need a lot of time working in AutoCAD and 3D studio…


Thanks for this amazing 3D software, Sketch-Up is a very powerful tool that enables you to draw precise, well presented and fast 3D models. Sketch-Up tools are very simple and gives you a wide verity of options that cover most of the 3D software used by designers. There is lots of features in this software which will ease your life, and am sure that the people who made this software knows what kind of problems we faced before..


Sketch-Up uses layers like AutoCAD, and you can import and export DWG files, also you can export you drawing into pdf , eps and jpg files which you can edit later on Adobe software.. isn’t that great.. :)

You can read and learn more about this software from there website

In this website you can download a trial version, read more about the feature, learn how to use it from the tutorial “ by the way it took only one day to learn how to start working on it” and you can download extras for the software.

Visit there website and enjoy :)

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July 17th, 2005

Most of us have this thought about themselves.. Well, if you want my advice, don’t follow the carrot if its hanged over, because simply carrots can be found only on the ground and you have to dig to find it. Also you don??t have to carry too many things to catch a carrot, you need only a shovel for digging..

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Amman under construction

July 14th, 2005


Although I did not see much of the world cities, but I believe that Amman is a unique one like most of Jordan, but this implication could be negative or positive at the same time. If you ask me how my answer would be uncertain and maybe not objective enough.

For the people who follow the history of Amman, they will notice that the evolution charts are nor regular or continuous , its more likely a series of fast jumps and setbacks. The revival of Amman came by the settlement of the Circassian emigrants near ??Ras Al Ein?? in early 1900??s. followed by other emigrants settlements from Palestine, Syria and other country, Amman continued to grow.

After the first gulf war and the second, a drastic changes occurred to Amman, more people, more stones and more cultural behaviors. But the last boom in growth accompanied by a great changes from all around the world, new investments and business strategies, new cutraal behaviors and a new life style.

Amman is in a big change, and I think this time the change will be much longer in time, and it will have greater effect on people of Jordan. The change will be only for Amman, but for all the country, lots of movements ahappensing on the political and social level. Today is not like yesterday, businesses are on the run, prices also on the run, people are a bit confused of is going on, and the time for promises is gone, the time for action is now.

People now are really in a miss, for example when prices of oil came to a very high cost, no one took any action of protestation, instead, a day before the implementation of the new prices gas station was filled with people who wanted to save few Dinnars.

Some people are up to the change, and they are taking actions. But some, if not most, are still nonbelievers and in denial. Most are fried of change, thinking change always produce worse. Maybe they are right, and maybe not!! at least if someone thinks change is not going to produce good results, well its better for him to be part of the change and make sure change is going to produce good.

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Creating a typeface is very interesting and exciting experience for me, but it needs lots of time for you to be able to come up with a decent font. Good Arabic computer typefaces are very rare, and you can barely find a good designer who are interested in creating a professional, yet modern Arabic typefaces.

This font “Jorab” which you see was a result of a learning process on font-lab “, a software for creating typefaces”. You will find it funky, incomplete and needs more development, but still its my first experiment and hopefully not the last. In fact I needed to create such a free display font like this for me to be able to use it in my cartoon dialogues such as Jameed and Kosayeh comic strip.. and its doing fine.. It took me only one week to come up with this font ” imagine that”; and interestingly my font works on small sizes in print, hopefully on screen too.
Last but not least, if you ask me why did I call it “Jorab”, because the letter shapes reminded me of my socks.. this is what I thought at that time.. Maybe the smell was so strong :)

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