Sha3teely is a blog published by Wael Attili in July 2005

Why did I publish this blog?

“Ana 7orr”, I just needed a space to share some of my knowledge, experiences and artwork to the world. Away from work and daily life, I found this blog is window to create art and literature which is pure from commercial proposes.

What does Sh3teely stands for?

When I was at university, I was working part time at I always came to work exhausted and tired. This is why most of time I look “Emsha3tal”. Emsha3tal is an Arabic word which means a person who looks in a bad condition. So people at worked mixed my family name with “Sha3taleh” and came up with the nickname “Sha3teely”.

What is my Job?

Bayya3 3elkeh, shofeer 3omomy and a graphic designer. I studied Architecture at Jordan University and graduated in 2002

Contact Info

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