Replacing the big NO with Arabic alphabet “Noon” and changing the color from dark red into fresh yellow. Kharabeesh productions and Untitled design joined forces to come up with a new cool brand for Nourmina.

Utilizing the illustrative spirit of kharbeesh, and using the basic shape of “Noon” in many different scenarios, setups and formation was the major concept behind the logo identity, animation and screen design..

Most of the brand elements are not yet implemented and there is going to be a transitional phase in the upcoming weeks.. but in overall we can say that Nourmina is changing in both image and content as well as in message and direction. We hope that this is going to be for the best..




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10 Responses to “Kharabeesh and Untitled Rebranded Nourmina TV station..”

  1. omar Says:

    beautiful work wael
    keep up the great work

  2. eslam abo el-enien Says:

    looks very cool
    i really like it

  3. Ali Says:

    Great work dude, Love it.

  4. mohammad Says:

    very nice sha3tily .. i like a lot :)

  5. Abed Says:

    love it! hopefully the transition in direction and message of Nourmina will be as fresh and diverse of the design!

    keep up the good work man! i’ll RT :)

  6. tariq Says:

    no ornaments again … lool … but good work
    i like kharabish website man you think different that’s great

  7. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you guy’s, really appreciate your feedback

  8. Tareq Says:

    dear Wael,,
    Im away from Jordan now, however, i try to catch up with whats going on from time to time…
    Now, when it comes to Satellite Channels (JTV, NO),,well,,Mmmmm,, i try to hold myself from changing the channel (specially NO) as the colors are the WORST ever in the world of Sat. transmission,, shame on them, wallahi ayyam el abyad wil aswad kan el contrast better!!
    you feel as if the colors are out of hue, no life in it,, as if the cameras are shooting in the underworld with candle lights to illuminate the studios!!
    Did you notice that?!
    I really wish this thing change,,, Man, in this world, packaging and presentation is considered as important as the product itself! can u imagine an New but Ugly Audi or BMW? it wont sell although its a brand!

    other than that, the new logo is Innovative :) keep it up dude


  9. Wael Attili Says:

    Had keef lo shofet el Studios!!

  10. بثينه Says:

    مرحبا كيفكن انا بهنيكن على هاي القناة

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