Election days for Engineers

March 1st, 2006

Today is the elections day at the Engineering Union “Naqabeh Al Mohandeseen”, and am planning to go and vote for the first time since I graduated from university. And thank GOD I have some names on my mind to vote for.. well am not going to tell you who!

Anyway I think on upcoming future ill be much more involved in the union events and activities.. because I think there is a lot of work and things needs to be fixed and I think this will take a long time.. but the this is the time to start.. By voting..

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3 Responses to “Election days for Engineers”

  1. super.devoika Says:

    positive attitude! way to go Wael!

  2. Ohoud Says:

    Please dont vote for Mazen Al-Nabulsi, PLEASE:D nor Lina Hayari:p

  3. hareega Says:

    Hopefully they’ll focus this time on improving the situation of engineers in jordan rather than distributing fake information about people they think are dealing with israeli companies.

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