Shaikh Khaffash is a new animation and show for mobile created by both Kharabeesh and 3ala Rasi. Shaikh Khaffash is a story about a Bedouin tribe leader who lived in the US. for a long time and went back to lead his tribe again. the mix and contrast of west culture and Bedouin creates funny situations and build up the comedy scene.

The show is now available for Umniah users and soon will be open for all mobile operators.

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3 Responses to “Kharabeesh and 3ala Rasi launches a new cartoon animation for mobile..”

  1. tambi jalouqa Says:

    Good job,

    I liked the characters and the animation. Didnt really understand the story at the end. I guess the intro had more emphasis.

    My opinion ya3ni :)

  2. hussein Says:

    that’s really great wael and omar.. good luck guys :)

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Hi Tambi
    This is just an introduction for the show and its just shows you the extreme contrast in this character..

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