What the hell is this?!!

April 30th, 2009

Someone please tell me what the hell is this.. are we under attack by aliens pipes!!or did it grow by it self!! No signs or warnings!!

Be3arthko!! Shu Hath..

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11 Responses to “What the hell is this?!!”

  1. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    loooool reminds me of war of worlds movie,

  2. ramsey Says:

    why its Jordan, ya wael!

  3. محمد Says:

    بلكي ماء سبيل تبرع من شركة المي؟؟؟ :)

  4. Abdulrahim Says:

    bedhom ysero yezra3o BARABEEEESH

  5. hamede Says:

    لا تغفل عن قول يا ستار

  6. whisper Says:

    what cross my mind that its the telescope of the aliens spying on earth to start the star war I mean earth war :D

  7. Aghlab Atto;o Says:

    Ya wael,
    Hath Mofaja2a :))))

  8. Monty Says:

    At least its a fancy modern pipe!

  9. Haroon Says:

    Shhhhh! don’t wake IT up. Call Men in Black asap.

    BTW, try to whisper in it and see who is on the other side. It could be one of those advanced tin can communication devices :)

  10. ya fr7et ahli Says:

    ya sdeki had cable bst3mlo zain o umniah o orange
    bs nfsi a3rf sho tl3o mn t7t al ard

  11. CyberMo Says:

    when we say that we are being F****D everyday in this country…. This is how and where it’s being done :)

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