Becoming a storyteller

April 28th, 2009

Whenever I see someone, I wonder how many stories he lived or kept inside him. Whenever I see a light coming from a home or a window at night I wonder what stories happened inside that house. Maybe because I have a big nose, or maybe I have a passion for telling stories and living them.


Our existence in no more than stories to be told or kept as secrets. Stories are told every second in every inch among everyone.

These words come out of passion. A passion from someone who decided to become a storyteller.

But the question is? How can this storyteller make a living out of this passion?

He found Kharabeesh with other people who believe in the power of storytelling. A place where storytellers can narrate their stories to others. A place where creative writers and artists can meet together and tell stories about their lives, culture, people and believes. Kharabeesh is the cradle for the untold stories.



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3 Responses to “Becoming a storyteller”

  1. JANKEEZ Says:

    ya zalameh ho mshan 2alla… enta ma elak 7al…. u got a nice piece of brain in ur head dude.. take good care of it…

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    3ala Rasi.. Wallah this brain jayebli waja3 ras

  3. JANKEEZ Says:

    walla ya sa7by bedon waja3 ras.. u’ll be out of work… hehehee.. anyway man i really dig ur stuff… respect..

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