I had a very bad experience when I had to pull my kid’s stroller at the Rainbow street.. I had to left the stroller many time in and out the sidewalk. I had to drag the stroller on a very ruff pavement and I had a very hard time crossing the road or moving from point to point.

They spent thousands of dinars to revamp the street and they could not think of how a stroller can move inside it.. Mobility in this street sucks.

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5 Responses to “Rainbow street.. where no stroller can boldly go”

  1. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    true, the street sucks, the neighborhood is awesome but the street sucks

  2. Emad Salameh Says:

    Do you really “WALK” in Amman??? You should go to a Mall!!!

    It wasn’t in “thousands” … it was more than a million.
    The problem is not only the street stones, it’s also the long radius of the corner. It’s suppose to be perpendicular with shorter radius. An alternative solution for traffic calming is to have a narrow street and wide pedestrian for people to walk.

  3. Moey Says:

    I prefer Wakalat over it.

  4. Catalyst Says:

    Or a zebra crossing?

  5. cral Says:

    will i dont know
    what kind of engineers made this st ?!
    cars or people ?

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