I’ve just noticed the new design and layout of Al Jazeera website. Completely new user-experience and completely new look. The site took some of the design concepts used in BBC website such as the AJAX based box and customizable layout which made it very similar to the BBC site.


To tell you the truth I prefer the old design where I can see a clear stream of news and more of al Jazeera identity.. but now I only see boxes here and there.. I think they can more innovative and believe that they’ve should design the website based on there user-experience and feedback and not based on other websites model.

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2 Responses to “AlJazeerah.net goes WEB 2.0 and too much of BBC”

  1. za3tar Says:

    I like the new design better. I personally hated the old design and couldn’t wait until they got rid of it. I wish they would change the internal story-page layout as well.

  2. waleed Says:

    I think it was a bit late, but better than never..

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