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5 Responses to “Cartoon | the Jordanian displacement rule”

  1. Tareq Says:

    بجد رهيــــــــــــــــــب هالكاريكاتير يا وائل :) يسلموا ايديك :)

  2. ام عامر Says:

    حلو كتييييير بس ما فهمت اخر وحده تبعت وقاحه …. شو أخبارك

  3. dozz Says:


  4. Kamel Says:

    good one :)

  5. Sandra Hiari Says:

    One of the best I have seen in quite a while! Architectural influences of dimensioning (and recent inclination to grays and earth colors in presentation) are omnipresent here. This is too good to remain confined here. I will contact you soon!

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