This night I was watching a civilized discussion in DW TV about the issue of Hamas and the cartoons which published by the Danish newspaper. The guests were 3 people… as I remember; the first one was a director of an Israeli radio station. The other was a Palestinian director of another radio station. And the third one was a journalist in a Dutch newspaper which also published the cartoons. What grabbed my attention is what the journalist said about the cartoons; there intention of publishing the cartoons was not to support the Danish newspaper opinion about the issue of freedom of speech. There intention was to let people in Europe know what this fuzz is about. And after her newspaper investigates more on the story they found that when the Danish newspaper published those cartoons four months ago they did not find a strong respond. So they started to fax those cartoons to Islamic organizations telling them “look we published this… what do you think”. So she said it’s not about freedom of speech, it’s about intentions. It was clear that the newspaper’s intention was provocative.

Well.. for me that answers so many questions… why this happened after four month of publishing… why is this anger and rage .. and I think narrowing the whole conflict into the issue of freedom of speech is big a mistake…

Through dialogue we should explain the following massages to the Danish people:

1- The conflict is not about freedom of speech, it’s about intentions. We as Muslims believe that the intentions were not pure ones.

2- We should explain to the west how and why those cartoons are offensive.

Well.. I know some people are calling for freedom of speech, but those people should know that the rage is not about freedom of speech, it’s about intention… And the Danish people should not defend freedom of speech. Because we know what is freedom of speech more than they do… We dream of freedom of speech and we still fighting for it and because we don’t have doe’s mean that we don’t value it … but rather than that they should defend there intentions. Explain why?? Was there a better way to present there experiments??

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4 Responses to “It’s not about freedom of speech. It’s about intentions”

  1. Omar Says:

    yislam timmak!

  2. Anonymous Says:


    I’m in the US, and I’m an American. I have lived 25 months in Saudi Arabia, among the people. I am a practicing Catholic, a person of the Book. I came looking for a reasoned dialog with Muslims on this question, because I don’t understand this worldwide, violent reaction. I hope you do.

    My question is this, and it is intended to provoke thought and reasoned dialog:

    How can Muslims condone destruction of property, injury to people, attacks on police and others, half a world away from Denmark, and expect that this will alter the (agreed, blasphemous) attitudes that lead to the creation of such cartoons? What that says to us in the West is, essentially, “I as a Muslim claim the right to attack, kill, maim, or destroy anyone I get angry at, for any reason whatsoever, and it matters not at all that I do this to someone who is completely innocent of the offense that made me angry.”

    Again, I intend to engage in a conversation, and I hope it can be a reasonable one.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Mr. Catholic in the u.s. i’m a Catholic in toronto. you dont need to go looking for someone to explain this to you on the web. the answer is that these people that condone destruction of property, injury to people, attacks on police and others… are not the 1 billion muslims around the world but a small minority… and pray that they stay the minority else you and i and the whole world are screwed. Hang in there my sweet Jordan. i do miss you.

  4. Daghalodi Says:

    Its actually a shame that they had to tell us again and again that this is what we can do.If they value freedom of speech so much why dont they depeict a jewish rabbi as a hitler? Does the accusation of anti-semtism is more than freedom of speech. Prince Harry wore a nazi band in a party and he had to apologize to the people ? What for? where is your freedom of speech now? why do they have to always force their retroheric culture on others?

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