It just happened that I went last Saturday to Al Hussien Park around noon, at that time I had to look for a shaded place to set and protect my bold head.. and guess what!! It wasn’t that much easy. Trees are still young and doesn’t give you any shades, you might find a very nice building architecture to hide your self in, or you can set under what its supposed be a shaded seats and hide behind strips of shades which will give you a zebra tan ,”look at phots up“… I just kept wondering about the designer of this seating shelters; what was he thinking of when he designed this slim wooden beams shelters thinking that its going to be useful in both summer and winter, or may be he is waiting for another 10 to 20 years until the park’s trees give his shelters some shade. Probably this wooden beams cost the municipality a fortune and it has no use at all.. oooh I forgot, “it looks nice”. I rather set under an ugly shelter which can protect may hairless head rather than set under a very nice shelter which can give me no shade at all… a word for designers: Please think before design

Design is to make things work nicely, no to make nice things that doesn’t work…

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3 Responses to “Shelterless.. Think Before Design”

  1. Roba Says:

    haha mahoweh in jordan, people always Act then think

  2. asfour Says:

    In facet these are considered the Godfathers of Architecture in Jordan, and they get millions for designing such places…. not to mention the disaster “design” of al Hussein Park, even “ME” had to play alittle with its design several years ago.
    Don’t quote me for this but “our beloved architects called it the BITCH, cause every single architect in town had to play with it :P
    Conclusion: Architects = Lunatics

  3. Jad Says:

    Hmm, Wael, Why you didn’t think before getting your head bold?

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