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6 Responses to “Cartoon | Gaza.. the last men on earth”

  1. طلال Says:

    الشعوب برئية من الرؤساء المعاريص

  2. Ehab Says:

    Yes3ed Rabbak ya zalameh!! aaaaaaaaaaaa5 ya galbi aaaaaaaaa5!!

  3. Jordanians Respond to Gaza Attacks : 7iber Dot Com Says:

    […] the violence by Israel. Bloggers have responded by articulating opinions, feelings, and publishing political cartoons. 7iberDotCom and the Action Committee are hosting a food and clothing […]

  4. Comment Leaver Says:

    This is just bad taste! It gives a negative image about our cause!

  5. Amaal Says:

    شكرا كتير وائل يسلمووووو ايديك
    viva palestine… Ghazah

  6. hamed Says:


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