I was going to post a long article tackling the harsh miserable reality of governmental and smi-governmental hospital in Jordan.. but to tell you the truth, having a very bad personal experiences inside these hospital does not mean the situation is totally horrible and hopeless cases.. these hospitals are serving hundreds of thousands of people with a very limited resources… but I need someone to show me a light at the end of the tunnel..

I just need a fair assessment of hospitals and medical treatment situation in Jordan.. where do we stand? how can we help? what is needed to be done? and why is it like this?

I am attaching some pictures taken from one of Jordan’s hospital, all these picture were taken from one department inside that hospital..

I’ll leave it to you to comment or share with me your story or experience inside these hospitals…








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6 Responses to “Jordanian hospitals and human misery…please help me understand !!”

  1. Tamemm Says:

    >>> these hospitals are serving hundreds of thousands of people with a very limited resources…

    That should give you an idea about how many Jordanians are getting f&*#d by these hospitals and how many improper treatments and misdiagnoses are vetted out. Fact is Jordanian official hospitals are weapons of mass misery and pockets of unaccountability and bastions of incompetence. But that’s Jordan for you: one step forward, two steps back. You gotta love what the absence of democracy and accountability can do to the national evolution of a country. It kills it.

  2. NEO Says:

    شكرا لنشر هذا الموضوع
    سوف أقوم بتحميل فيديو يتعلق بهذا الموضوع صورته بنفسي السنة الماضية

    Man I shot a video related to this subject I will try to upload and post it.

  3. Fouad Masoud Says:

    you should thank allah.

    if u visit hospitals in uae ull know why.

  4. Randah Says:


    I’m intrigued by this post. It’s all true.. hospitals in Jordan are not tip top… but guess what, they have their own advantages that you can’t realize until you leave.

    I live in Canada since 10 years… and have 2 kids. I can’t tell you of the horrible times that I had to live with my sick children, when they were 1.5 years old and both had an almost similar experience in two different cities’ hopsital. when you enter the hospital with a sick child with a fever passing 39, you’d wait 4 hours before even a nurse will come and see (no kidding). with my other child, we waited in the ER for 16 hours to know what was wrong with our child and why she was screaming from pain all night. we left without even an idea of what’s wrong.. but since she stopped crying, then it’s nothing.

    I can’t imagine this happening in any Jordanian hospital no matter how bad it is. can a one year old child wait 4 hours in pain and fever before a doctor arrives? even my mother who broke her arm once from slipping over ice in the cold winter.. guess how long it took her waiting with a broken arm in the waiting room…

    take a guess.

  5. Oxygen Says:

    موضوع هام عزيزي وائل ..
    فعلاً فالمستشفيات لدينا هنا في الأردن على وجه الخصوص بحاجة إلى المزيد من الرقابة واعمال التطوير ، لا يكفي بأن نطلق على أي مستشفى إسم مستشفى متميز بأطبائها فحسب وإنما أناقتها التي تتيح للشخص أن يطلق عليها لقب مستشفى ..

    كل مافيها مصمم ديكور محترف ، والتنسيق مع شركة تنظيف أفضل من هالشركة الي بستعملو سطل الدهان نفسه السطل تبع الـ “شطف ” ..!

    ثانك يو

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    Tammam:I believe it،s a chain of problems that we live by.. but I think we need always to talk about it.. and encourage everyone to look for solutions and help solving the problems…

    Neo: did you uploaded it.. i will look for your video :)
    Fouad and Randah: I know that in every part of the world there are problems similar of what we have or maybe worst.. but that does not mean we should not ask for better and seeks the best.. If we can do it, and i believe we can, then why not?

    Oxygn: أنا أوافقك ١٠٠/١٠٠ لقد أصبت صلب الموضوع، علينا أن نكون صادقين مع أنفسنا وأن نكون صادقين مع الآخرين وأن لا ندعي ما لسنا نحن عليه

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