I’ve tried to find a database for public transportation in Amman, but unfortunately i could not find anything useful. We all agree that we have a difficult public transportation system in Amman. But now, I’m not asking to spend millions of dollars to fix roads or to bring more vehicles. All what I’m asking is to build a database for the current public transportation on the web.. Such a project like this will not cost that much and indeed it will help lots of people and make our lives much easier.

For example, If I want to know how to get from Al Jam3a into the second circle,I don’t know how and I don’t have any resource except those people who are using public transportation in a regular bases for a long time.. in fact I don’t know how much it will cost me..

Today we have lots of google maps for Amman and even now we have GPS maps.. all what we have to do is to place the current routs of public buses and service taxies on those maps. Include the stop locations of these transportations. Create a simple web application to suggest how can people go from point to point. calculate cost of the journey and maybe estimate time .. would be amazing..

Such a project like this can be easily funded. I am sure there are lots of talents and experiences which can make this project something real..

All what we need is a decision from above.. I hope this idea can reach the decision makers and I hope they can take it inconsideration.

meanwhile.. if you like this idea and you would like to support it, blog about it or inform others about it until we make sure that the idea reach decision makers.


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12 Responses to “A website or database for Amman’s public transportation is needed!”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    If I recall correctly, N@simjo had an tool called “project basica” that did exactly that. Check with him. I think he was also having trouble convincing some officials with it

    Hope this helps

  2. Nadine Says:

    ٌYou’re very right about this need. This came up somewhere on the blogosphere a few months back and someone from GAM said this info was not available, but they’re working on it…. whatever that means!

    The problem is with the decision makers - they’re too busy pleasing the boss and building a hot CV vs understanding functionality.

    And what do you expect when there are turf wars between the orgs who oversee the public transportation revamp. They don’t get along and are all focusing on the masterplan and who’s better and who should lead on what and who gets recognition….while overlooking the soul - people.

    What the GAM and others neglect/ignore is the need of total dedication from people - human beings- to sit down and put this data and info together and make it available in a user friendly way to the public, and continue to update as needed.

    There is a massive disconnect between plans/structural implementation and the actual use of the city and services. The responsible orgs seem to be clueless about use of the city they develop and how people want/need to use it. It’s like they are not engaged in the city life and do not depend on the public system for getting around.

    Also, it’s hard, long work - and I think they just don’t care. Very little glory in getting the soul right - more glory in physical deliverables - makes a more attractive press release it seems.

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Qwaider: Here you go… the platform is ready.. then what these people are waiting for!!

    Nadine: I guess if we kept asking and asking as people.. if we showed them that such a project like this is a real need.. I think the will be forced to do actions…

    I 100% agree with what you have said.. and you know what maybe we should not wait for them to do actions…

  4. Basem Says:

    Dear Wael

    in mid Ramadan, i sustained a shoulder fracture due to scooter accident and after a month recovery and doctor-enforced ban on me driving any vehicle (for another month) and my wife borrowing (mitsalbita) the car, I used public transportation in Amman for the very first time:

    i work in Mahatta area nearby the ugly temproray Raghadan Mujamma terminal (which is now permanent by the way, the nice one near Muddaraj is for sarvees only).

    The Mujamma is actually a good start, there’s some sort of subtle thought-of effort to help new comers, but then you have the regular chaos, the big Autobus have known routes showing on the plate on the queuing platform of each bus.

    The tricky part is the private coaster buses with more specialized routes.

    The worst part is that there’s this culture of exclusion in which you sort of feel intimidated and everyone seems to put on the face of knowledge while most is just like you, wondering if this bus is actually the bus to be taken and if the bus wouldn’t do a sudden change in route that will take you to Jam3a instead of Medical City road!

  5. nasimjo Says:

    1st of all to clarify some things,
    Project BiSCA (Bus Information Scheduling and Control for Amman) which was the graduation project of my self along with another couple of guys, Ehab and Fayez, back 2006 is an entire intelligent public transportation system (ITS) providing real-time tracking, automated and dynamic bus scheduling, control and problem solving, and last but not least dynamic real-time passenger information in stations. but its infostructure can be smoothly and directly utilized for several add-on passenger information services through the WEB, WAP, and SMS.

    Having trouble convinsing the people in-charge (it was always confusing how some official were liking it but not being able to help! the big operator is not caring about it, and the “experts” at official dept are trying to convince us that all those “information” are useless and “unnecessary” as there WON’T be interest in informing the passengers! ), we tried to go for the add-on service (which is what ur suggesting), but being busy in our careers, and having high hosting costs (due to the fact our host wasn’t a PHP one), we put our website on hold.

    We have already alot of information about most of the internal ammani routes, since all our sample data were actually real data. plus a very strong infostructure that (in case of implementing a software like BiSCA) can give you an exact trip duration according to the time in the day you are willing to have this trip. (something impossible with the messiness at the time being out there, where even the static schedule is not being implemented even by the CMTC, the biggest operator).

    I wonder when we will get rid of having people who never been into a bus managing public transport!

    for more of my pinnies about public transportation: transportation

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    nasimjo: I really would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts, you and your friends… Thank you.

    I believe these people don’t care cuz simply we did not ask for it and they did not feel it is a necessity..

    This is why someone like me and others should start nagging on there heads until such a project like this see the light..

  7. nasimjo Says:

    just to correct the last link: transportation

  8. nasimjo Says:

    its not getting it entirely :(

  9. Yazan Says:

    It’s a fascinating idea! I thought about it wallah.. and I really believe that we need such a project.. I use a lot of transporation methods daily, as I my job requires, and sometimes I get lost when being wrong-guided by somebody, and that costs me time and some extra money to get to my destination! Anyway.. thank you Wael for your article, and here’s the link for your tag nasim:

    Thanks again..

  10. dozz Says:

    there isnt a single person in this country who knows where everything goes, in terms of information…let alone actual vehicles!
    trust me….transportation is a hopeless case.

  11. Asaad Says:

    When you see how the coaster bus drivers behave, how greedy they are chasing after money, their only goal being “collecting” people from all places, whether there is a bus-stop or not, you will realize that what you are suggesting will never be useful. The idea of a website for public transportation is really nice, but something like this does not work in a chaotic transportation systems like the one we have. You can place anything on the web, it would look so nice, but reality is that we do not really understand what “on time” means, or how a bus should really function. A website like this will never be credible, and something like this can work only in Western countries.

  12. Mohamed Elkhateeb Says:

    Hey :) I’m looking for this BISCA and couldn’t find anything.

    Anyways I was wondering if this project is still in process??

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