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27 Responses to “مين حضرتك بلا زغرة… من وين أبوك؟”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    يسلم تمّك يا شعتيلي

  2. Yazan Says:

    والله الفكرة أكتر من رائعة وائل، وبتحكي عن قضية كتير مهمة عنا بالأردن! وبالآخر زي ما قلت كلنا عشيرة وحدة اخوان!

  3. Hiba Says:

    Allah la ywatrezlak ya Sha3aaateeli mesh 2aleeel ;-)

    As usual well say!!

  4. secratea Says:

    I love the drawing! can i forward it to my friends?? 7uqooq eltabi3 ma7fooza, tan3an (well, you already have your name printed on it) :-D

  5. hussein Says:

    أمتعتنا بابداعك ياابو الشعاتيل.. عنجد تسلم هالإيد

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you guy’s.. I hope that we can start talking about this issue more and more..

    I hope that we can heal our wounds and go on..

    I hope that all become one nation, act like one and work like one

    I hope that we use our history, religion, language and origin to unite us… by sharing stories, hopes and dreams..

    sorry 3al falsafeh

  7. Fadi Says:

    this is what I’ve talking about for ever
    *thumbs up*

  8. tambi Says:

    Truly inspiring. Ya3teek alf alf 3afyeh.

  9. omar Says:

    BRILLIANT! Wael 3anjad raw3a
    it has a very strong message, and yet remained funny, creative and well represented! :D
    ya36eek el 3afyeh.

  10. Wael Attili Says:

    secratea: Like what Obama said “YES YOU CAN” :)

  11. Dina Al-Kharabsheh Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    This is not just fantastic, this is brilliant!
    I always check your blog….keep up the great work..
    Salam from Germany:)

  12. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you Dina;
    Thank you everyone

  13. Qabbani Says:


    هزا عمل جميل ثابر

  14. Shaden Says:

    Love it! what a cool way to make a statement :)

  15. Oxygen Says:

    Love That !

  16. Nas Says:

    brilliant….simply brilliant

  17. Ghassan Yonis Says:

    bte3rafne sare7 o waqe3e.. sara7atan, 3 kelmat: Utopian political correctness!

  18. Hamzeh N. Says:

    Excellent job!

  19. Wael Attili Says:

    Ghassan :
    “Utopian political correctness!”

    Take president Obama for example!!! 4 years ago a black president was Utopian political correctness! but now its real…

  20. bambam Says:

    this should be in schools yesterday !
    just for the record i know jordanians from Chinese origins and i kid you not

  21. Ryan Says:

    Dear Wael!
    Great Job.. and thank you

  22. Nadine Says:

    Finally - a tribe for everybody! That’s a tribal I’m thrilled to embrace :)

  23. Ghassan Yonis Says:

    Wael: don’t put high hopes on Obama, I’ll write a blog post about him and mail you the link.. there’s so many details that public like to ignore on Obama..

  24. Wael Attili Says:

    I will be waiting for your blog post :)

  25. Mazz Says:

    RESPECT is due on both the human level, and the artistic level.
    Well done.

  26. Mais Says:

    YOu never fail to impress me with your work… keep it up

  27. Randah Says:

    Salam Wael..

    truly inspiring graphic. loved it. thank you.
    I believe we can do a lot if we address this issue openly. the problem that it not only exists in Jordan, Jordanians take it with them outside and where ever they go. which doesn’t bring much to our cause.

    but the cool advantage that we have in jordan that 1) 70% of population are younger than 35 years, and 2) we are really connected with technology and information travel faster than horning at green light. we can use this to our own advantage..

    best wishes

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