living a moment in history

November 4th, 2008


I’ve just witnessed a historical moment and a great speech by Obama who just won the presidency of the United State. He was right… the American nation is a great nation.. not because they have muscles, money or power.. but because they are a NATION, think like one, live like one. a nation with high values of freedom and believes… a place where dreams are possible and a nation which gave so much sacrifices to become such a great one.

To tell you the truth I had few tears while he was talking.. not because I love USA or happy for them.. but simply I just wanted to live such a moment like this for our lost nation… I just wanted to raise my kid on my shoulders and raise our nation flag greeting our next elected president… It’s not about Obama.. it’s about a story of a nation…

We are in a need for a nation, act like a nation and live like one.. and we need to find the way to make this happen..


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6 Responses to “living a moment in history”

  1. kinzi Says:

    Great observation, Wael. And what made/makes us a great nation was a lot of people from a lot of different places who came together for that goal.

    The paradigm of expressing and protecting individual freedoms, yet WITH the voluntary laying down of individual ‘rights’ for the good of the whole, is key. Sacrifice of self, the need to be ‘right’, the need to have the last word, the need to be first, all these are things that need to be on altars for the good of the whole.

    I hope you will often set your daughter on your shoulders, and cast this vision, or a similar Jordanian version of it, for your precious daughter. “Faith is: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    well kinzi; you’ve something not everyone can get.. I hope the American people will appreciate the bless that they are living in..

    for us.. we have a lot of work to do

  3. cafelulu Says:

    Wael - It was truly an amazing moment to witness and be a part of. I have heard so many people express how proud they are to be Americans right now, and the sense of excitement, optimism, and enthusiasm are proving to be very contagious. I agree that we have a lot of work to do, but I also feel like if the US can get over some of its greatest obstacles like this, then one day we can too. The hope is in our youth!

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    Cafelulu but we have to do our homework and pave the way for our young to make the change…
    it’s starts right here and right now.. and then we hope that our young generation will complete the journey..:)

  5. Mais AbuSalah Says:

    Nothing is impossible. We just need to start, really start!

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