One of the most annoying shopping experiences in Jordan is that you always get shocked from the bill.. you never ever pay what you see or read on the price lists or menus. Wither you buy a sandwich or a car, you always end up paying more… simply because they always give you the price without tax or service price. WHY? It is so deceiving and really it pisses me off every time. I also believe that for people from outside jordan it is not a good experience at all.

I think that the government should force all shops and restaurants to show the real prices with sales tax and services in all marketing materials and price lists.

Be honest and transparent..

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5 Responses to “Show us the real price “Meshan Allah”!!”

  1. tambi Says:

    I know what you mean. I lived in Turkey for 4 years and i always paid what was written on the tag or the offer.

    Taxes should always be included. I cant remember the times that i went to buy something over 200 JDs and i had the exact amount on me and then to be told TAX. Another run to the ATM for me :P

  2. omar Says:

    hahaha, Wael! I totally agree! Inno it’s ridiculous keef el wajbeh el mafrood 3 JD’s w betsaffi 4.50 or something!

    WAEL, just remembered our namoos people! :( they were erased awayyyyy! We’ll re-do it on one of Kharabish’s walls! YAY hehehe

  3. Ghassan Yonis Says:

    I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s the same in the US btw.. it’s a marketing technique, it’s defiantly better to show the “final” price all together, not sure if the gov should enforce it though!

    hada lazem yser she3ar masla7t el daraieb el jded “masla7t el tharaieb, bto5eth 7aqha b2edha”

  4. subzero Says:

    oooh I totally forgot about this matter since living in Japan.

    Tags show the final price.
    No service tax what so ever.
    No tips in restaurants.
    No headache!

    I just love it!

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Ghassan; I know it’s the same as the US but as you said this does not make it right… but also in the US sales tax is less than here in Jordan..

    I am still convinced that the government should enforce this.. why not? Government should do what is best for the people

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