Restaurants, coffee-shops, TV stations and Radio.. they all use the same phrase.. “Ramadan Ma3na A7la”… Have you noticed that!!

I can’t imagine how much these words are overused these days.. like there is no other way to tempt people unless you tell them “Ramadan is more beautiful with us”… Maybe mosques should put a sign “Ramadan Ma3na A7la” to promote Taraweeh prayers..

May Ramadan bring more blessings and creativity to all of us..

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5 Responses to “The most overused sentence in Ramadan..”

  1. omar Says:

    hahaha, 3anjadd man! it’s sooo overused!
    hahahaha I cracked up about jawame3 putting it up! LOL

  2. Tololy Says:

    You mean to say that Ramadan mosh a7la wala ma3 7ada men hadool? How scandalous!

  3. omar Says:

    walahi ya man inta zalameh sa7
    i like all ur articles big time
    ramadan ma3na a7la, man this slogin sag 3alaih kol el ordon

  4. Orgeeleh Says:

    6ab sha3tellak new slogan 3azoo2ak!
    let’s brainstorm it and come up with something genuine.. what would u suggest?

  5. Mais Says:

    That’s true… but many other slogans are over used too… Ramadan Ma3na a6yab… ramadan ma3na azka… You are someone very creative who should provide some alternatives… 3ashan eybalsho eshaklo shway… LOOL
    ya rait law Ramadan ma3na ahda!!! bedha shwayet hodoo2!!

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