Can you spend a night at home during Ramadan without watching anything on TV. This is might be easy for some, but I don’t think its possible for the majority of people specially those who do not have internet life or alternative things to do at night.

I’ve learned that Ramadan is chance for people to connect spiritually with God and to raise there moral spirit… Well I guess this not the situation at all now theses days.

I have received this message on my mobile and it shows you how much we abused the concept of Ramdan.. . the message came from one of Amman’s restaurants and it says ” Spoil urself with BAB EL 7ARA & our Tasty Argeeleh, Plying cards, S7our Baladi. At ***** during Rmadan evenings. ” so guy’s, don’t pray or fast.. just spoil your self in Ramadan.. Ramadan is all about spoiling yourself and watching BAB el 7ara…

I have no further comment..

Ramadan Kareem for everyone.

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9 Responses to “Can you shutdown your TV in Ramadan!!!”

  1. Tareq Says:

    Wael, Ramadan Kareem,,
    I guess u have heard of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saying: ….wa lawla al baha2im lam tom6aroo”
    Do u think it will rain this year????
    Seriously i doubt that this season might by any means be better than the previous, coz Allah akeed ‘3adban 3ala hal nass min tayasat a3malhom o habalhom illy shway biwsal la darajet el Kofr!
    Sorry to say that,, but we r in deep trouble if things go the same way as it is now,,,
    Allah yer7amna o yehdeena
    Ramadan Kareem :)

  2. ArabianMonkey Says:

    I flipped thru every channel and program for the first 3 days - out of curiosity and duty. I got see-sick. I’m done, no intention of watching any Ramadan TV. And proud that I don’t have TV at home for over 8 yrs now :)

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Tareq: I am glade that you found a space etfadfed fee and you are welcome :) Ramadan Kareem Bro

    ArabianMonkey: I know you have second-life life.. I mean the new generation and people who have alternatives such as a life on the web are more independent from TV not like most of people who are not connected and the only window fro them to the world is TV. I am on my way of kicking TV out of my house

  4. Verbal Alchemy Says:

    i only watch fereej in ramadan :D and just coz its so darn funny :D bas yes i hear u, some ppl anticipate ramadan for the musalsalat (which i find not even worth watching, redundancy ppl!) rather than the spiritual and holy feel of the month. they r missing out on so much.

  5. Lara Says:

    Spoil ourselves with Babil 7ara? keef lawinno entertaining. It’s pure punishment man :) i’m not pro Noor either :)

  6. mabdoh Says:

    hohhhhoooooo nice nice…

  7. Mais Says:

    Wael, great drawing… I like your Ramadani Creature… I’m glad I don’t see it resembling me though :)

  8. omar tabaza Says:

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  9. Dima Says:

    I heard this Dr.name…is he a good doctor?

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