First of all I would like to take this blessing chance and send my greetings to al muslims in the world… Ramadan Kareem.

Maybe allot of people are wondering why I did not blog for long time. the reason is that I was busy opening a new business and launching our first show for Ramadan.

Fawazeer Khashom wa Zaggom, was broadcasted today on Majaz FM radio station and it will be broadcasted on Normina satellite channel too this evening. also this show will be published through Zain as WAP push channel where people can subscribe to during this month.

It took us one month only to produce 20 episodes of to show. Each episode is about 4 minutes duration. So imagine if I had time to blog anything!!! I was really blessed to have a group young and talented people around me helping me to make this show out in the light for Ramadan.

Khashom and Zaggom are two brothers who belong to a Bedouin family which left the desert life recently and went to live in the city. In the show, Zaggom and khashom ask about a meaning of a word and the other characters of the show start to give funny answers. One of the show character gives the right answer.

After Ramadan the show will change its format from the Fawazeer format into the family story format.. the show will take allot of work from us.. so if you are a 2D flash animator please dot hesitate to contact us :)

Will soon ill be launching a simple webpage for the show. Ill post the link as soon I finish the website..

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16 Responses to “Ramadan Kareem and the first show of kharabeesh is out!!!”

  1. mab3oos Says:

    Good luck with the show. I am sure it is going to be a lot of work. But, it look successful already with radio and mobile outlets secured.

    Good luck again.

  2. hussein Says:

    good luck Sha3teely :) Ramadan Kareem..

  3. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    niceeeeeeee, cool animation and sound mixing

  4. م.س. احجيوج Says:

    مبروك وائل ورمضان مبارك.
    في إنتظار نماذج على الويب.


  5. Nas Says:

    radaman mubarak ya wael!

    and mabrook the show. it’s looking good wallah. looking forward to more this month!

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    than you guys for your support.. we Ramadan kareem

  7. Dima Jweihan Says:

    Congratulations Wael and Kharabeesh :)

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    thank you Dima :)

  9. TripleM Says:

    Congratulations and Happy Ramadan

  10. ياسمين حميد Says:

    looks great!
    I wish I could help, but my flash animation skills aren’t good enough I’m afraid (no ActionScript)
    good luck!

  11. Muhammad Ajuz Says:

    Good luck, nice video. You have said that you are searching for 2d flash animator…and i´m one, but i don´t know how i can contact with you and i don´t know if it is a problem, but a live in Syria, Tartus, with my wife and children, and can´t move on to Amman. I will be very glad to help you.
    Happy ramadan!!!

  12. Zeina Says:

    :) Salam Wael,
    The show is great- the writing, the characters’ voices, the animation, everything! It had me laughing for days, literally…every time I remember “Pragmati”! Thanks :D

  13. Wael Attili Says:

    Yasmin: We don’t use action script in 2D animation… thanks for your support I really appreciate it.

    Zeina: I am really glade and honored to know that such an artist like you liked the show.. It’s like a certificate for the show…

  14. mabdoh Says:

    ya3tekom el 3afyeh ya jama3a walla el cartoon nice

  15. Spring Rose Says:

    it looks good show..
    I’ll try to watch it on normina or
    wait u to post the link here..
    Ramadan Kareem..
    by the way,, ur blog is awesome..

  16. Ahmed Badrah Says:

    it’s really good thing to see a show like this ,,

    good work wael …

    all the best for u ,, (=

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