The Saudi culture is one of the most amazing and interesting cultures i have ever scene. I believe it is one of the most controversial urban environment in the modern world. The war between traditions and modernity, rules and freedom, religion and globalization, wealth and achievements. The place where you can do everything but you are not allowed to do anything…

Staying few days in Riyadh will not make me an expert in judging the Saudi society. I believe that you need to live for a long time to be able to understand really what is this society is all about. Its really very complicated and so diversed mix of culture.

I just want to go through few observations and notes where I found interesting to mention in my journey. In Saudi Arabia you can easily notice that luxury is necessity. Gaz is cheaper than water. Everything closes at pryer time. Food is the ultimate pleasure. Not every Saudi is rich. Each city, area has a different culture and life style. Checks stays at home. “For family” sign means for real family only..

One of the most interesting notes said by lots of people that the internet usage for women are very high in Saudi Arabia and can go beyond 50%. Another note said that because there is no cinema or outlets for youth, most of the spending goes for computers and gadgets. Also the price of Mac products are getting cheaper and cheaper. So the huge restriction lead the young generation to adopt technology more and more. which tells me that at one point the Saudi market will lead the middle east in the technology market. The young Saudi Generation seems to be more tech aware and looking for more openness and freedom.

Another interesting thing is the concept of Lomar Thobe. I found it really amazing where young Saudi designers are trying to develop new modern, cool trends based on there culture and traditional customs. The concept of merging the new, cool and hip with traditional thobe to represent the needs of the new generation of young Saudis is really genuine and extraordinary. I which that we can see this somewhere in upper part of the middle east.

you can find more about Lomar thobe here. Take a look at the ithobe designed specially for the ipod and the other interesting collection which they have. Lomar thobe is originally comes from Jeddah and its spreading all over the kingdom.


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  2. ArabianMonkey Says:

    The Off Road, the iThobe, and the Tattoo - WOW!!

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  4. fayez Says:

    نفتخر بكوننا متميزين

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