very cool bus

July 11th, 2008

Cool bus
I just spotted this cool bus in one of Amman’s streets

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7 Responses to “very cool bus”

  1. Mohammad Irshid Says:

    Amazing one…
    PS : Picture Saved.

  2. askadenia Says:

    yes..i saw it yesterday… nice bus

  3. Jano Says:

    wallah really nice :) we have to see something like this in the morning (like now). makes someone see flowers everywhere.. and maybe just smile.. or was that 7asheesheh flower? lol jk cool pic ;)

  4. Ola Says:

    Aaaaaaah makes you wanna hug it!

  5. Lolo Says:

    wow it’s very nice idea, change from normal or less than normal to very lovely nice thing

  6. computeryah Says:

    Nice : )

  7. mabdoh Says:

    hhhh hada be shmeasani… city food

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