It’s really cool to see maps for Amman on streets… but unfortunately the finishing of the sign is poor, the quality of map and printing is so bad and the design of information is not legible… but the idea is good and i support such initiatives like this…

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One Response to “Street map for Amman.. but!!!”

  1. Haytham Nasereddin Says:

    Dear Sha3teely,

    My Name is Haytham Nasereddin and i am an Ex-Coordinator in Amman City Tour Project, this was one of the best initiatives Amman saw within the last decade. Amman city tour WAS a project that facilitate for tourists to know Amman the city in convenient way , but unfortunately this project didn’t get that required attention and funds , so that it all been vanquished with tears.
    i felt bad when u thought that it is just a maps for amman while u didn’t recognize it is a project called AMMAN CITY TOUR which is making our capital approachable, i start to believe that success in creative projects in not applicable … Currently not , Tomorrow .. I wish


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