It’s 2008 and we still did not figure out how can we stop this shitty habit of placing sands and cement on the streets… since I was a kid I always see this scene all over the city. A beautiful clean street is insulted by careless worker. At the end of the day I am paying from my money to the Municipality to give me a clean nice road.. so at least do something to make what I pay for you worth something.

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5 Responses to “When are we going to stop this shitty habit?”

  1. 7aki Fadi Says:

    They do it in Canada too because where else would they put it? I think if they clean after they are done then no big deal :)

  2. TJoLadies Says:

    Totally agree. I broke my toe a couple of years ago because of builing debris on the sidewalk and road.

  3. ياسمين حميد Says:

    house owners who don’t remove their building materials from the streets after the work is done should be fined with BIG sums to make sure this doesn’t happen again

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    Well doing it in Canada does not mean in any way its ok for us to do it.

    Also i don’t think space is a problem. These sands was for some repairing work for a house which has a big yard which they can simply use… but you know we the habit to through our shit in public space rather than keeping it inside our private space.

    And even if there was no space, believe they never clean the road and the road will not go back the way it was.

    anyway I hope we can have more eyes on these stuff cuz simply it cost us money. and it hurts the public

  5. Oxygen Says:

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    يسلمو وائل

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