Calligrapher Saleh Nasab and designer Hussein Al Aza’at are leading a new effort in organizing a second round workshop in calligraphy. This time they are going to take a farther step and will introduce 4 courses. a comprehensive course, Diwani, Farsi and Thulth courses as well.

This time the courses will be much longer and much focused. It’s going to be a good chance for everyone to dive deep into the art of arabic calligraphy.

I wish this workshop will be a great success same as the first one and I hope it will get the attention it deserve from media and cultural society.

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3 Responses to “Good news for people who love arabic calligraphy!”

  1. hussein Says:

    yeslamo Wael! you’ve been always a big supporter :)

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    3ala rasi el da3es ya man :)

  3. Ukera Says:

    We are interested to get calligraphy in the name of Ya Allah, Muhammad, and Ya Hussein in Arabic and English, please let us know if you can make this for us, and how much will it cost us.


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