Jameed & Kosayeh | Cooking!!

January 15th, 2006

Jameed and Kosayeh

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7 Responses to “Jameed & Kosayeh | Cooking!!”

  1. Bashar Says:

    If i can bare a Taxi Driver as (well as poiticians, they are the same some time)talking about political situation and major movements in the middle east with his thoughts and ideas about the NASDAQ stock exchange and his opinions about Economical reforms in Malaysia…then think i can handle Jameed and Kwaseeh :)
    The only difference is that Jameed and Kwasaeeh are honest and direct to the point :) great Wael :)
    By the way Wael can you send me your email please at bashar.arikat@gmail.com i want to send you a document am sending to all the people am reading their posts.

  2. Khalidah Says:

    great work Wael … as usual!!

    Bashar, does that mean I will not get the document?? :(

  3. Bashar Says:

    salam Khalidah…

    no it does not mean that you wont get the document, instead it means that am a daily visitor of your blog and i know your email from your contact info :) and you will be the first one in the list to get the email :)
    By the way sa7a wa hana 3ala il mashawieee :))

  4. Asfour Says:

    Wael, I think you should change the date :P

  5. super.devoika Says:

    good one…

  6. Moey Says:

    dude, i just love your blog.. would u plz msg me ur email.. need to contact u

  7. raindrop Says:

    as expected, great job :)

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